Holy Crow ~ Summer Has Hit!

It’s been super crazy here and all I can think about is this blog and art projects! I am feeling pretty swamped and low energy. My job went from about three days a week to five days a week!

I feel bad I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now even though I have some super amazing and awesome ideas for blogging! When I can I am writing blog bits and pieces and making some notes so that I can really move forward with this blog. For example, I am working on a chocolate review, and I have an amazing interview to post up once I get everything refined and ready!

In the meantime my friend and I started trading videos every week because we know we are both supposed to be making videos in our life paths but haven’t gotten very far in it. You can see them up on my YouTube page. Its a mix of spiritual stuff and spoken word stuff.

I’ve also started to send out queries to people looking to publish poems or the children’s book I’m writing, or the novels I’ve already written. I think it would be amazing to start creating an income from my writing. πŸ™‚

I hope you are all having an amazing summer!

I plan to keep right on blogging as soon as I have some time and providing you with more wonderful information!

So much gratitude to you, readers! ❀


New: Ebook | Happy V-Day!


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I’m so stoked!

I have finally written and published an ebook all about herpes. It’s called Conquer Herpes: The Ebook.

It’s an amazing forty pages long, and includes a natural method to stop outbreaks in their tracks, as well as a cure for the disease. It doesn’t stop there though! We go into the mental-emotional aspects of the dis-ease. There’s a ton of questions to answer to help identify belief systems and emotions that may be holding the dis-ease in your body. There’s even a meditation!

It’s retailing for $4.99 and up, and it has its own page!

Man, writing ebooks can be time consuming! I totally like to work in chunks too, so once I get focused on something it’s all I pretty much want to do! It feels so good when it’s complete though!

On other news, I have begun to work with a coach and there’s probably going to be some changes here on the website over the next month which will (hopefully) include more consistency in posts, and a better about me page. Yay!

Lotsa love!

Open Your Heart to Receive Love | Kriya Video


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This is a fun kriya!

I wanted to write about this kriya because I found it to be very powerful. Right now in my life there has been a pattern of my heart hurting. A lot.

I did this kriya for three days in a row, and found myself sick in bed for five days. I definitely felt like I was clearing a lot of stuff out of my emotional field! I’m not even sure what it all was, but often my guides tell me I don’t need to know everything I’m healing! It’s good enough to deal with it and let it go.

After a few days of good health I began to do the kriya again daily and after about nine days I stopped. My heart was hurting so much! I found myself spontaneously crying because of the stretching it felt my heart was undertaking. My heart wasn’t hurting all the time though there often was a dull ache. It was more at random times it would hurt so much tears would come to my eyes.

When I look in the book at the meditation Yogi B simply says something like: If your not feeling the love do this meditation and you will feel the love.

I decided to take it easy and ease off the kriya for a while. I know its a good one for me and I plan to go back to it once I get grounded in my new home. I have just been following Maya Fienne’s You Tube video. πŸ™‚

Moving, Paralyzed by Fear, Come Back!


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

You know what?

My yoga & meditation practice went to shit. I’m just getting back on the bandwagon of practising right now. I’m also just realizing what happened!

I was in a housesit for almost two months. I didn’t realize how much my traumas still can affect me sometimes. I pretty much spent those two months paralysed by fear! It was terrible! I feel like I lost two months of my life and I’m coming out of a haze that went darker when I ended up couch surfing because I wasn’t able to find a place to live.

It was jarring and surprising to me to learn that just because I have money and a job doesn’t meant I’ll have a place to live. What a twist!

Apparently, I live in a place with a housing shortage right now. And one of my great fears is to be homeless (again).

As soon as I found myself in my own space and relaxing into it, unpacking boxes, and the such, I began to realize how lost I was in my fears and avoidance of facing those fears. I guess my anxieties hit me in a different way than they have before, which is great! It means they are shifting and being worked out in all their funky little kinks!

I’m so glad that part of my life is over. During that time I rarely painted or created anything. I did some yoga but a daily practice was a no go. I spent a lot of time doing nothing. Reading books. It wasn’t a total loss.

Now, though, I’m back!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on writing an ebook for all you lovelies! I often receive emails from people asking me to tell them more about herpes, and so I’ve written an ebook to answer more in depth the questions, and to give worksheets to help people move through belief systems and emotions related to herpes.

I want to get it up and available by the end of February but it does take up a lot of my free writing time, so posts here are probably going to continue to be back logged for a bit.

Updates: I teach yoga on Wednesday mornings at the Women’s Center in Nelson, BC. Come down! I’d love to meet you! πŸ™‚

Herpes Title Page-page-001If you are interested in working through herpes naturally (including how to stop breakouts in their tracks!) & more of Mystic Yogini’s journey with herpes, check out the new ebook, Conquer Herpes!

Written with you specifically in mind, this forty page ebook guides you through a process of self-discovery while teaching you the diet to heal herpes, and it’s mental-emotional process.

Insecurity Meditation Finished | Everything Is All Good


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waterdropI shocked myself the other day.

You know those times when your human consciousness vacates the body for a moment to let your soul consciousness do its work and when your human consciousness comes back your surprised at whats going on?

Yup, that’s what it felt like.

I was pretty sure that I was going to continue doing the Meditation for Insecurity indefinitely. I mean, it obliterated my anxiety and panic attacks. It helped me grow strong in my core. It would totally relax me incredibly after. It was pretty happy with it and thinking “this is just what I need!”.

One night last week I had to do my meditation still that day and so I asked my friends to leave so I could do it and go to bed. Somehow I woke up the next morning and realized I had completely forgot!

That’s abnormal for me. I have “sticky notes” I use mentally to remember things, and that was on a sticky note. I never forget a sticky note. They whisper to me at night before bed. Sometimes I get up to complete the task and other times I don’t. But forgotten sticky notes always make themselves known.

This time there was no sticky note whispering to me.

Because of its abnormality I have stopped meditating completely in the Kundalini Yoga way.

Instead I began to sit in the energy of where I am right now. I wanted to feel what was up and what was going on. It’s been a while since I’ve simply sat in my own energy without the movement of change I tend to keep around me.

As I sat with this, I began to realize that all of these meditations and work have given me a gift. The biggest gift the Meditation for Insecurity gave me was the realization that there is nothing wrong with me or my life.

For who knows how long now I’ve been operating with the assumption or belief that there is something wrong with either both or just one of those ideas. As I let this realization creep through my mind and body I could feel it changing and altering every aspect of my life.

Our lives are built around our perceptions, our mental states, beliefs, and projections. If you change one core belief everything changes. And this is a core belief.

One of the reasons why I feel like I can relax so much now is because the idea that I have to fix something wrong with me or my life has been released.

It is so powerful of a release I have noticed that my mind will try to make something wrong up even though there is nothing wrong. I have witnessed my mind stretching for something wrong, grasping at things that do not matter to make them wrong.

I have found in myself a resistance to be happy. I’m not allowed to be too happy and so the mind tries to ensure that I’m not.

In truth, there is nothing wrong. There is nothing keeping me from my happiness but myself. There never has been anything else.

It is such a beautiful space to be in.

Every time I find myself calling up the negative in my life I simply come back to that one steady thought and knowing: There is nothing wrong with me or my life. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing bad.

Everything simply is.

I can trust it. I can trust myself. I am slowly seeing the unravelling of the anxiety I have experienced for years. It is an amazing internal process I am witnessing right now, and that is all I desire right now: witness the process and experience life as it is.

Finally I am able to relax into the flow of my life.

What a relief.


Ishnaan “The Science of Hydro Therapy” | Mystic Yogini Has a YouTube Channel!


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First, a piece of awesome news! Mystic Yogini now has a You Tube Channel! How cool is that!?

I’m just on my way to work but I wanted to get this post up and will be working on adding the final touches to the channel (like channel art since my photo doesn’t seem to want to load) in the next couple of days. Ooooo the things we can do with You Tube!

My first video is on Ishnaan! There is a long and short version, the long version talks about everything I wrote below; the short version is just the results and is included in this post. πŸ™‚

For all you blog readers here is the quick down low on Ishnaan:

Ishnaan, the science of hydrotherapy, is an ancient yogic technique that involves the use of cold water to reset the body and heal the body. I like to think of the yogis in the Himalayas that would jump into mountain water every morning, because that’s what they did (so I’ve read!). Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeping your skin radiant
  • Opens up the capillaries
  • Flushes the organs
  • Keeps the blood chemistry young and healthy
  • Stimulates the healthy secretion of the glandular system
  • Gets rid of the chill of life
  • Rebuilds your organs and cells*

It sounds pretty good right?

I’ve been avoiding it since I’ve learned about it even though I know it could help me. My body type Ayurvedically is that of Vata which means I’m very sensitive to cold and/or heat. I get cold so easily that I must eat a mostly cooked diet in cold places or my body is just freezing! I also feel temperature changes room to room in a house.

Ishnaan helps the body temperature to be more regulated and to create more heat in the body so one does not experience as much cold. In our text book there is a section called “Conquering the Chilliness of Life” that talks about Hydrotherapy creating a fatherly shield to protect you from the adversities of life and death. Yogi B says:

“If I with my body can conquer the chilliness of the water, I can take away the chilliness of my life.”

How to Do Ishnaan

Ishnaan is an incredibly simple practice. Make sure you have some time and an oil to moisturize your skin. Yogi B suggests Almond Oil, but herbalists have suggested Castor Oil and someone else I know uses Coconut oil. Just make sure you can massage it into your skin.

1) Massage your whole body with your chosen oil.

2) Take a shower.

3) Turn on the cold water (if your not already taking a cold shower). Ideally you will massage yourself beneath the cold water for around ten minutes. Start with your extremities: hands, arms, legs, feet, etc.

4) Get out of the shower! You are done!

For people who get super cold like me Yogi B suggested having a hot shower, going under cold water for a few minutes, then going under hot water again. You can also build up your Ishnaan time, which is what I’m doing.

I did all of my extremities today for a few minutes. Tomorrow I’ll try to get my whole body under the water. πŸ™‚

Here’s Day One Results:Β 

For the whole video go here!

What do you think? Have you tried Ishnaan before? Will you do a 40 day challenge with me? πŸ™‚

How to Teach Yoga | What They Didn’t Tell Me in Teacher Training | A Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Perspective


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Maybe you were taught this in your yoga teacher training if you’ve taken one. Maybe not. I know I wasn’t, at least not to the extent that I know now, taught about these three important elements.

In our teacher training we were told again and again to elevate the students, elevate, elevate, elevate! That’s what you are here for! To facilitate a place for students to shift their consciousness and change their paradigms.

This is a great way to look at teaching for sure.

And I thought nothing of it until I taught this class where I was able to hold space for the first person who cried in my class. I wondered to myself, what made this class different than the other classes I have taught? What shifted in this class so that I could facilitate a space that powerful?

Sure, some of it comes with practice. You get better at describing the postures, better at projecting your voice, better music choices, better at holding space.

But there is a spirit to your yoga classes too.

This spirit is the hard to identify space where vulnerability can creep through the postures, where the students can go deep inside of themselves to have realizations, and where you no longer are the teacher.

Those are the classes I leave and go, “That was awesome!” and I make a point of going back to those classes because they are more than yoga.

Serve Your Students First

Reflecting, I realized that class I had taught had revolved around giving to another thing and serving something deeper than myself. Because of this, I didn’t care how much money I made, or how many students came, or if I was presenting Kundalini Yoga in the “right” way. I didn’t try I just did the class.

The next class I was given to teach I tried something different. Instead of designing my class to elevate I designed my class to serve. I planned my class the same way but the intention behind it changed everything.

As I taught there was no room for anything but that moment. And the next moment. And the moment after that.

And I got it:Β I am a servant as a teacher.

To be a teacher is synonymous with serving other people. It is through my service I elevate my students. That is the deepest gift I can give my students. Simply shifting your intention to service will shift the feeling of your class and how you teach.

Practice Yoga Every Single Day

The next thing that was spoken of but not pounded into our heads is something I am realizing more and more about being a good yoga teacher. Practice your yoga everyday. And go to other people’s classes. Audit their classes if you can.

The more you practice yoga the easier it is to teach it. You will know the kriya you are teaching, the nuances of each position, and the ways the body wants to tense up. You will know how it makes you feel when you relax, and you will know just at the right time to say something like “Refocus on your third eye.”.

The more confidence you are able to bring your class the better you are able to facilitate the class and lead your students into the depths of themselves. The better you are able to be spontaneously in the moment giving directions and guidance intuitively.

Your Presence Creates the Class

My presence is a key part of the spirit that runs the class. As a teacher my presence creates the space and shifts it from an every day experience to an extraordinary experience where each student can meet themselves fully.

When I am holding space for students silence is totally different for them than what I experience. Each one of us has an internal monologue going on and unless there is a student auditing your class (which is highly improbable unless your teaching teachers) they are not paying attention to how many times you say “Inhale, exhale” or “Keep focused on your third eye” and so on.

They are paying attention to their own inner monologue, and my job as a teacher is to help them break free from that monologue hence the thousand reminders to come back into this moment, this body and this space.

I must be present to gauge how present my students are. If they are not present I must bring them back to this moment. I must draw their consciousness back to here and guide them in shifting their mental patterns for just that one hour we see each other each week, if that.

The more I focus on these things the more powerful my classes become and the more I feel myself stepping into the role of the teacher. It takes time and practice to become used to holding such a sacred space.

Happy Teaching!

Completion of 40 Day Childhood Anger & Insecurity Meditations | Reflections


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floweronrockwallA couple of days ago marks the 40 day point in my practice of Releasing Childhood Anger and Insecurity (two seperate meditations).

I have since discontinued practising the Meditation to Release Childhood Anger.

I must tell you that was one of the most challenging meditations I’ve done thus far. It wasn’t challenging in the same way Kirtan Kriya was (meditation from hell) but in another sense. This was one where holding the posture was a challenge for me, where concentrating was a problem, where there was internal resistance to what the meditation had to teach me.

Sometimes I would sit down and feel A LOT! Other times, especially from twenty days on I would sit and feel nothing but struggle to stay focused and in position.

That being said I can’t tell you a lot of vocal lessons that I have learned from it. I learned that I was (still am?) angry at both of my parents and at myself.

At different points through the challenge I found myself whispering mentally or aloud my forgiveness to these parties and others I don’t know now. I had one experience where I was surprised to hear myself whispering “Childhood is not your fault.” over and over again.

What part of me would think childhood is my fault? What part of me was holding onto all of this anger without me knowing about it? What part of me holds onto the consistent blaming of my father when I am (was?) angry at both of my parents and myself?

It calls forward self-forgiveness and as I trace my lack of self-love and low self-worth backwards I can see that there was a part of me that took on the blame for all sorts of different things that happened in my childhood. A part of me felt heavy from that time because even though there were instances that had nothing to do with me as a child they had everything to do with me. I simply wasn’t given time to process the event nor was it explained to me, so it was left as an experience I was to be blamed for.

And I see how my actions of self-sabotage and lack of self care come back to that self-laid blame and guilt trip I was unconsciously playing out in my life. I see that it was unnecessary. It has caused so much harm not only to myself but also to the people around me. I haven’t done terrible things but when I get caught up in my own story and drama that matches someone else’s story and drama we support each other in self-harm.

My definition of self-harm in this case is thinking of stories/thoughts/ideas that do not elevate us but instead keep us wrapped up in the victim story most of us seem to inhabit in some area of our lives.

These are deep, deep patterns that dictate to most of us our daily interactions with ourselves and extend out into the world. Their ripple effect is profound.

I remember, at one point during this meditation, living with a family, and it was like I was having an out of body experience. I saw my dad, my mom and me in very similar dynamics, though not as extreme. I witnessed and felt I handled it very well. I was feeling proud of myself, maybe I’m working out my daddy issues (in conversation with him I will explode quite quickly), maybe this means I’ve done a lot of healing I was thinking…

Then I talked to my dad.

In minutes I was yelling and thinking “What is going on here? I thought this wouldn’t happen again?”

I laugh now and shake my head. The Universe will always open your eyes to where more shifting would be a good idea. πŸ˜‰

InsecurityReflections on Getting Rid of Insecurity Meditation

This meditation has astounded me.

I was never expecting this meditation to have the affect that it did on me. I wanted to do this meditation because in my last romantic relationship, which ended in May of this year, I had seen so much insecurity come up in myself and I couldn’t stop it as much as I tried to. I felt like a mess in the relationship sometimes..

After the first meditation I felt an intense calmness. Then I witnessed how despite it feeling like my life was falling a part in different ways I still felt calm in my day to day life. I witnessed a huge difference in my life before the 40 days was up in the amount of calmness I interacted with the world.

There developed inside of me what feels like a deep steadiness. Its one step at a time, a slow relaxation into my life, and a knowledge that its all going to work out. There seems to be a knowledge rising up into me, slowly, over the past week that anything I desire can happen, with the right actions and intentions.

There’s been a huge shift in my priorities in my life as well. I went through a phase of asking myself what do I really want in life? What do I really want my life to look like? What do I want to experience in life?

I have been wanting to move to California, to San Francisco, for the last year and a bit and had worked out a plan to do that next year, but now I questioned even that plan. So I found one place that felt like my home – but what about the rest of the world? Are there other places that feel like my home that have wonderful people but also have a government that is in more alignment with my own values?

I examined why I want to do the things that I want to do, and the goals that I hold for myself. I held them up to my own values and what I like to do and based on all of this self-examination changed what I’m wanting to do and where I want to go.

Then I had to come to be okay with the fact that my choices are going to be different than the choices my friends are making. It took me a couple of weeks to be okay with this fact.

During that time I also read two financial books and decided to implement a new financial system that would allow me to (hopefully) retire a millionaire and early if I can manage it.

I had to accept that the way I want to view money will, again, set me apart from my friends, and perhaps, I will have to find new friends. And a part of me is really sad about this. Another part of me is really excited about this new adventure.

I learned insecurity effects all parts of my life. It was a huge player in the game of anxiety and panic attacks I had regularly in my life. And while I know all of us have insecurities and are experts at hiding them, they were so large for me that they took over my life. Now that I see them receding I’m surprised at how much they created my life and who I am.

I plan to continue doing this meditation for however long feels right. I feel like I need to keep practising it for a while longer in order to ensure I keep with my new goals. πŸ™‚

Pull Together Class | Class Plan ~ Heal the Planet | Quartz Crystals


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quartz crystalsToday I subbed for Sat Kaur at the Moving Center in Nelson, BC. I had planned to fundraise for the Pull Together Campaign, but had a whirlwind week of moving around and working (I’ve received three jobs now + artist work + yoga classes!). It’s a lot and I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed but also excited too!

I worked later than I had planned to and had only a half hour to pick up some items before my class and open the studio. Thank god this city is tiny! Class started at 5.30 and I arrived at only 5.15 but the students were all still arriving.

I began this class with a moment of meditation for both the students and myself. I had felt harried as I set up the quartz crystals and tissue boxes and changed to my teaching clothes. Then, after saying the Teachers Oath ( I am not a man, I am not a woman, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher), I opened the class.

This week half the number of students came out: only 3, but it was a beautiful class. I explained what I was fundraising for Pull Together and the entire class proceeds would to go stop the pipeline from being built. I invited them to set an intention for that class to send energy to heal the people who desire the pipeline or to the planet herself, and to place that intention inside the small quartz crystals I had set up at the front of the room. The quartz crystals were free for the students to take and bury in the Earth or just to keep around if they wanted. They were meant to be a seed of healing energy for the Earth or whomever has them.

I guided the students through Kriya for Elevation, and the meditation was direct to healing the Earth with Ra Ma Da Sa Say So Hung – this version.

For the first time in my teaching career a student cried in my class. And two of the students approached me to compliment my class. I felt so honoured.

Both times I taught on Wednesday evenings I had felt a pain in my heart, similiar to a broken heart, including today. I’m not sure what it means, but I sit with it each class, and use it as a reminder to go into my heart as I teacher, instead of being in my head. I can get nervous and forget to speak. This class I felt into the class repeatedly and used my feeling as my guidance to speak and with what to say.

It was lovely. I didn’t realize how much of a yoga high I had until I was walking to the grocery store and had a huge grin on my face I couldn’t wipe off. “Please, Universe, more of this, more opportunities to teach like this, please.” I prayed mentally.

One Year Anniversary of the Blog | Reflections on a Practice | Community


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Guess what! I missed the one year anniversary of this blog!

It was November 4th, with a post titled: Kundalini Yoga is a Game Changer.

It’s really cool. I never thought I would continue the blog past my yoga teacher training but the response I’ve received since I began this blog excites me. It shows me there is a need for this kind of information, and for this kind of personal sharing of what happens with Kundalini yoga.

We are all in this together. Yet when the Teacher is in the Teacher mode, that’s what they are (and that’s an amazing embodiment!). When we come together for classes many rush back into their lives wondering. Curious. Do other people experience these things too? Is it like this for everybody?

Personal experience of the kriyas, beyond what Yogi B has taught us, beyond what the books say, beyond what the wisdom is from what we’ve studied is what bonds us. My personal experience that matches yours or is similar to yours is a connection we have, something we can both relate to, something we can converse about.

And we, the practitioners, know: the intensity of this practice. The nuances, the highs and the lows of this practice. We know the different communities surrounding this practice. We know the light and we can see our darkness. Radiance.

I wasn’t expecting when I began this practice to find myself in such a strong spiritual community (sanghat) spread out across the world. I wasn’t expecting to meet my “siblings of destiny” as Guru Raj would call our classmates. Who knew this would happen?

The way I practice is not traditional in most senses: I don’t usually dress the part, I still don’t know how to tie a turban, I’m not Sikh, I regularly use crystals in my practice. (I’m a bit of a rebel!) Yet there still is a huge community accepting me.

And you know what?

It took me a while to accept that I was part of the community and this communities presence in my life. I resisted it and created separation.

And I still do in some areas of my life.

But this community, the Kundalini Community, where Self-Initiation is part of the path, where your guru is within you, and your radiance is as bright as you allow it to be. I’ve come around to fully accepting that this community exists, and as a yoga teacher, it is my foundation.

And I grow more and more in love with the people, the yoga, and the practice each day as I challenge myself. I am seeing more and more the effects of my daily practice, the clearing, the shifts of life, and the way my vibration effects people.

It’s beautiful. I’m really in love with this part of my life right now. As much as life changes and I change and both reflect each other, I am really in love with my practice. πŸ™‚

I pray all Beings can find their practice to fall in love with ~ to create acceptance ~ to change ~ to elevate ~ to love ~ to Be In. ❀