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sunriseOne of my classmates, John, has organized to have access to Karma Teachers for Aquarian Sadhana on Saturday mornings. Its a space that gives our class the ability to practice leading sadhana and a space to participate in a more centralized location.

Yesterday was my first time leading Sadhana. It was a group effort with John manning the computer and music during Japji and the yoga set I led. The John and Ryan played guitars and chanted the mantras. It was a ton of fun because we were all so laid back and let ourselves enjoy what we were doing.

We weren’t scared to be loud or to mess up or anything like that. We weren’t scared of getting into trouble if we did the ‘abnormal’. Joy and I at one point got up and danced while chanting, allowing our Divine Feminine out in Reverence to the Divine – something we would never do at Yoga West where there is a lot more formality. Or so it has been in my experience.

I’ve completed twelve sadhanas out of the required fifteen thus far, some solo and some group. This was the first morning that I’ve not fallen asleep in the chanting. It was the first morning that I witnessed and felt full participation from everyone who attended in various ways. We all enjoyed ourselves, laughing and smiling as we chanted.

I could feel how we were supporting each other energetically, holding space and keeping each other focused and energized on our task, lifting each other up.

And we all left with a feeling of this is how Sadhana should be.

This is how we should feel when we leave: alive, full of joy and gratitude of the experience, closer than ever to those that we participated with.

Group Sadhana

Group Sadhana is highly recommended by Yogi Bhajan because of the group consciousness it activates. Most people have heard that when two people meditate on something the energy becomes doubled. The more people who meditate on a single thing the more the effects of the meditation are amplified.

Yogi Bhajan states that when one person in sadhana experiences God, all people participating in sadhana benefit from that experience.

And that’s true. Human beings are herd animals like it or not. We congregate, we come together, even the hermits and mystics will come together at times because we need and desire connection with other like minded Beings. We know that there are positive effects on multiple levels of gathering in community. 

Any group of people that come together will merge auric fields when participating in the same activity which activates various parts of the individuals that rise up to resonance with the highest frequencies in the group, unless there is a heavy energy that is draining or shifting the group consciousness elsewhere.

Sometimes the group consciousness doesn’t elevate as we’ve seen when the Canucks lost a few years ago. A few people I’ve spoken to were downtown near or at the time of the riot and have told me how there was an energy bigger than the people there. People weren’t people and were doing things they wouldn’t normally do, which is linked to Crowd or Mob Psychology.

My point is that group consciousness has a huge influence on the impact of anything that we do in groups. The amount that each person participates and inputs energy to the practice effects how much each person benefits and enjoys the practice.  

My “normal” experience of group Aquarian Sadhana has been at Yoga West. It’s been a fairly quiet affair with many resisting the practice yet still participating. Most people want to go back to bed and its obvious. Many people, including myself, end up falling asleep. There is a general lack of energy in the room, and people are very much in their own worlds despite coming together for Sadhana.

And everyone has their right to do that, to sleep if they are tired, to be in their own space and not say much to anyone. It is a very personal practice.

aquariansadhana-Yesterday at Karma Teachers though something special happened.

We all felt connected to the practice. And to each other.

We were all bringing something to the practice and didn’t feel tired until after. I was even able to forget that it was four in the morning at times focusing on what we were doing and creating.

We allowed each of us to authentically express ourselves and joy came out of that.

I’ve learned that when doing Aquarian Sadhana, leading or participating in the Group, its important to connect with what each person is doing and to participate as fully as I can. It’s important to encourage participation because that brings life to the practice instead of a cold dead room listening to a CD quietly chanting.

And maybe that is what made such a difference: live musicians instead of listening to a CD.

Solo Practice

Of the twelve Sadhanas I’ve completed five were at my home. It was a necessity for me to do them at home because I don’t live within walking distance to a studio that hosts Aquarian Sadhana and the public transportation doesn’t operate at the early hour required to get me to the studio.

I did the five in a row when I was attempting a 40 day challenge of doing Aquarian Sadhana everyday. It was hugely challenging for me, and I didn’t feel nearly as lifted up as I do participating in the group sadhanas, even the group sadhanas where I fall asleep.

I feel that group sadhana in the morning is hugely more beneficial than doing the solo practice at this time in my life. Maybe its because I’m just getting into the flow of the practice, or maybe its because I’m just starting to really develop the capacity to hold the power of the practice by myself.

I’m not sure but if I had the choice to go to group sadhana or do solo sadhana at home I would rather wake up the hour earlier and make the trek to the studio.

I learned a lot yesterday morning about group energy, dynamics, and about leading the practice. I am looking forward to leading Sadhana again.

I’ve also realized how yoga can be a full time course. There are so many things to learn from the philosophy to the practice and I’m loving it. I’m so excited to learn more about the various aspects of it.

If you want to participate in an Aquarian Sadhana here are the locations that I know of in Vancouver. Aquarian Sadhana is always free of charge.

Yoga West – Kitsilano in Vancouver, daily Aquarian Sadhana. Call the studio before attending to get the code to be let in at 4 AM.

Bound Lotus – North Vancouver. Tuesdays and Sundays at 4.30 AM.

Karma Teachers – Downtown Vancouver. Most Saturdays (exception on Teacher Training Weekends unless someone else takes the lead!) at 4 AM. Ring the buzzer. Studio is tough to find for first timers so call the studio or contact me to make arrangements.

If you know of any other places, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. It’s great to try out various venues, and to connect with other people inside the yoga community, kundalini or not. 🙂