In our very last class of teacher training there was a meditation mentioned that I had come across a few times before in my Kundalini Yoga browsing. The meditation is called So Purkh, and it’s infamously said to bring your husband to you.

Pretty big, eh?

There’s more with So Purkh. So Purkh is a meditation meant for women to use to pray for the masculine presence in their lives. From my research there are several different uses for the meditation beyond calling your husband to you. If you are currently in partnership with a man, this meditation can “make him a saint”. It can heal the relationship you have with him. It can heal the relationship you have with any man or masculine presence, really.

It is quite a long mantra recited 11 times, which takes about 31 minutes. I follow Nirinjin Kaur’s recording that I bought off Itunes I think.

It is important that you set an intention before you do this meditation to direct the energy and to receive the effect that you want.

Personal Experiences

I just wanted to write about some of my experiences with this mantra. I have been reciting it for the full 31 minutes for just two weeks and a bit. I began the meditation May 26, just after some shifts happened in my relationship with an intimate partner. Four days later (of really intense dreams where I felt I was taking the place of someone else) I ended the relationship with him because we want different things in the relationship. I saw how much I really want a partnership and felt I really needed to honour that.

I also began to have to define what “Partner” means to me. I was asked it over three times by different unrelated people, “What does partner mean to you?”. It was eye-opening and I realized that to be in “partnership” can mean different things to different people. And it probably does mean different things to different people. I don’t view a partnership as necessarily restrictive but open to the needs and desires of each person but I feel the man in my previous relationship, and several of the men I’ve previously dated, have felt that a partnership would be restrictive.

As I continued to recite the mantra I came to realize that this mantra can be used by the feminine to heal the deep wounds of the masculine in all aspects of our lives and communities. This is a mantra that can be used every day but the Kundalini Yogini’s to help heal the deep wounds and traumas that live inside the masculine right now. This mantra can give the masculine hope, love, and a salve as they work through their own processes to be the men that so many women are calling for.

It also does something for the women. It prepares the women to receive the masculine and to hold space for men to be who they are. It helps them cultivate the field that they need to attract the man they are calling forward.

Almost two weeks in I ended up at a gathering where it seemed it was Divinely Orchestrated that I be there. I ended up there on Women’s Day, where Elders of various traditions taught about women and their power and about the different roles men and women have for each other. It was very interesting for me, who is currently studying deeply womanhood, and led to a very powerful experience.

I ended up being surrounded by men I didn’t know for a good majority of time the evening of Women’s Day. It was a challenge for me to find a fire to sit at where I felt comfortable and safe. At one of the fires I had chosen to sit around due to the fact that I knew some of the names and faces as passing acquaintances one of the men opened up the floor to me from across the fire.

“How are you, Serafina?”

“Do you want the true answer?”


“I’m actually feeling extremely uncomfortable right now.”

“May I ask why?” After a pause where I was trying to search for the right words, he spoke again, “Is it because you are out in the cold camping? Is it because you are currently surrounded by men being the only female here? Is it a mixture of both?”

I nodded.

“If there is anything that I can do to make you feel more comfortable and safe, please let me know. I would like to help you experience that, here, around this fire.”

I began to cry as I heard three other men around the fire echo the same words. I felt seen. Heard. Accepted.

Just hearing that from the masculine presence I was surrounded by triggered a deep re-patterning within me – someone who has experienced various traumas around the masculine. I felt so honoured as the men gently opened space for me to share and bond with them.

I don’t think that would’ve happened so beautifully if it wasn’t for So Purkh. I had prayed a few days before while reciting So Purkh that anything keeping me from my partner would be released, and that is part of the cleansing out process I feel.

Just two days ago a man I haven’t spoken to in four years contacted me and made an apology for the way he behaved around me over four years ago. I was astounded.

I find my mind wandering a lot during this meditation. I’m not sure if its just because I don’t yet know all the words, or if its mean to wander. I notice myself thinking about various men in my life and praying for them. I think a lot about the man I just left and I pray for the man that will come into my life as a life partner.

No matter what, I feel that this meditation is powerful for me right now, and I can see myself doing it for a very long time simply because I believe in the healing that needs to occur for both men and women, and I can see this meditation doing that.

Meditation for the Masculine

You might be wondering what meditation men can do to attract their life partner. In my research I discovered that the Adi Shakti Mantra can be used by men to attract their partner to them.

UPDATE: I found another meditation that is said to be like So Purkh for men, which is wonderful! It is called Bhand Jamee-ai. Here is a Spirit Voyage Link and here is a Sikh Net link.

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