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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

You know what?

My yoga & meditation practice went to shit. I’m just getting back on the bandwagon of practising right now. I’m also just realizing what happened!

I was in a housesit for almost two months. I didn’t realize how much my traumas still can affect me sometimes. I pretty much spent those two months paralysed by fear! It was terrible! I feel like I lost two months of my life and I’m coming out of a haze that went darker when I ended up couch surfing because I wasn’t able to find a place to live.

It was jarring and surprising to me to learn that just because I have money and a job doesn’t meant I’ll have a place to live. What a twist!

Apparently, I live in a place with a housing shortage right now. And one of my great fears is to be homeless (again).

As soon as I found myself in my own space and relaxing into it, unpacking boxes, and the such, I began to realize how lost I was in my fears and avoidance of facing those fears. I guess my anxieties hit me in a different way than they have before, which is great! It means they are shifting and being worked out in all their funky little kinks!

I’m so glad that part of my life is over. During that time I rarely painted or created anything. I did some yoga but a daily practice was a no go. I spent a lot of time doing nothing. Reading books. It wasn’t a total loss.

Now, though, I’m back!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on writing an ebook for all you lovelies! I often receive emails from people asking me to tell them more about herpes, and so I’ve written an ebook to answer more in depth the questions, and to give worksheets to help people move through belief systems and emotions related to herpes.

I want to get it up and available by the end of February but it does take up a lot of my free writing time, so posts here are probably going to continue to be back logged for a bit.

Updates: I teach yoga on Wednesday mornings at the Women’s Center in Nelson, BC. Come down! I’d love to meet you! 🙂

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