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quartz crystalsToday I subbed for Sat Kaur at the Moving Center in Nelson, BC. I had planned to fundraise for the Pull Together Campaign, but had a whirlwind week of moving around and working (I’ve received three jobs now + artist work + yoga classes!). It’s a lot and I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed but also excited too!

I worked later than I had planned to and had only a half hour to pick up some items before my class and open the studio. Thank god this city is tiny! Class started at 5.30 and I arrived at only 5.15 but the students were all still arriving.

I began this class with a moment of meditation for both the students and myself. I had felt harried as I set up the quartz crystals and tissue boxes and changed to my teaching clothes. Then, after saying the Teachers Oath ( I am not a man, I am not a woman, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher), I opened the class.

This week half the number of students came out: only 3, but it was a beautiful class. I explained what I was fundraising for Pull Together and the entire class proceeds would to go stop the pipeline from being built. I invited them to set an intention for that class to send energy to heal the people who desire the pipeline or to the planet herself, and to place that intention inside the small quartz crystals I had set up at the front of the room. The quartz crystals were free for the students to take and bury in the Earth or just to keep around if they wanted. They were meant to be a seed of healing energy for the Earth or whomever has them.

I guided the students through Kriya for Elevation, and the meditation was direct to healing the Earth with Ra Ma Da Sa Say So Hung – this version.

For the first time in my teaching career a student cried in my class. And two of the students approached me to compliment my class. I felt so honoured.

Both times I taught on Wednesday evenings I had felt a pain in my heart, similiar to a broken heart, including today. I’m not sure what it means, but I sit with it each class, and use it as a reminder to go into my heart as I teacher, instead of being in my head. I can get nervous and forget to speak. This class I felt into the class repeatedly and used my feeling as my guidance to speak and with what to say.

It was lovely. I didn’t realize how much of a yoga high I had until I was walking to the grocery store and had a huge grin on my face I couldn’t wipe off. “Please, Universe, more of this, more opportunities to teach like this, please.” I prayed mentally.