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crociteMy other love, beyond yoga, is playing with the mineral kingdom. I have a whole business based on that so one of the things I looked up during the outbreaks were the minerals that would facilitate its healing.

The first thing that I did was look at my go-to crystal books. Inside the Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook I found a Crystal Trinity for healing sexuality. Since this is a key part of this dis-ease it is very useful:

Carnelian is placed on the left hip. Garnet is placed on the right hip. Crocite is placed on the Sacral Chakra.

If you have these crystals, awesome! If you don’t, use crystal cards. And if you don’t have either that’s okay! You can still do the trinity by taking three small pieces of paper (you will use them instead of the crystals) and writing the names of the crystals on them.

Then google search each crystal so you know what they look like. Hold the paper for that crystal in the palms of your hands and imagine for a few moments there is an actual physical crystal of that type in your hands.

That piece of paper is now that crystal in the energetic realm of things. The longer you focus and imagine it the more power it has. I would recommend spending a few minutes recharging each “crystal” before doing the layout.

After you have your crystals ready lie down comfortably and place them in the appropriate areas. Then turn inward and focus on your breath. You want to allow twenty minutes to half an hour for this process. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, you will wake up on time for the minerals to be complete doing their work with you in the session.

Let me know how it goes for you!


{ About a week after the White Tantric Yoga workshop my low spirits naturally righted themselves }

At the White Tantric Yoga Workshop the meditation that I found most challenging was the meditation that was for the release of disease. I can’t find instructions online, as these meditations are intended only to be done in the White Tantric setting under the guidance of the Mahan Tantric – or the Master of Tantra. In the previous post on the class that describes my experience I mention that there was a meditation where I felt supported by my friend.

This meditation was using the breath to release disease. We were staring into each others eyes, with our hands on each others shoulders. About halfway through this meditation I began to experience a point of pain just beneath my right shoulder blade that often comes in meditation. I also experienced flashes of pain and heat in my bottom three chakras, the lower triangle.

These flashes were very uncomfortable. I could feel energy moving down my legs, in my upper back and shoulders. I kept moving and making faces as I was breathing out all the things that were happening. I could feel my friend pull me towards her and giving me her support, holding me up when I really wanted to just collapse my arms and move!

After the meditation I mentioned that I felt her pull me towards her several times and she told me that during the meditation all she could think of was “Herpes”. She felt it being released and wanted to support me as much as she could throughout the process. 

Such gratitude I have for the experience and for her!

I have not had another breakout since though I’m pretty sure that I should have one due to the previous few months based simply on my diet and stress levels.

There is nothing. 

I am tentatively wanting to state the Herpes is released from my body but I don’t know for sure and there is no test that will tell us it is so. You only know when there are no longer any breakouts.

May I say? I love my body! I love how versatile and adaptable it is.

And I cross my fingers.

Only time will tell.

My Process Overview

– Diagnosed with Herpes
– Enter Alkaline and Sugar Free Diet
– Enter ritual to heal parts of my sexuality on several separate occasions
– Continue Diet and further research energetic causes and applications
– Lots of internal and energetic work through meditations, contemplations, journalling and yoga
– Struggle with maintaining diet and managing stress leads to a series of breakouts this month and the next month
– Enter ritual to completely release the virus under the guidance of a shaman
– Enter White Tantric Yoga workshop where a disease release meditation is done
– Completely release the diet and learn to manage stress better
– Contemplation on sexuality, energetics, and the positive side of the virus which leads to entering gratitude for the learning. Thank the virus for its teachings and release it.
– To my surprise, despite stress levels and diet, no breakouts occur after the White Tantric Yoga workshop
– Tentatively feel that the Virus has been removed due to poor diet and high stress levels but no breakouts or even symptoms of a breakout possibly occurring even though I was expecting a breakout

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