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This past year as I began my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training I was a broke Mystic Yogini. There was not much happening in the realm of finances though I received always enough to eat it was a constant worry in my head wondering if I would have enough to eat the next few days.

And I won’t lie to you.

My status of being a broke or poor Mystic Yogini starts long before this blog. It starts before I even became a Yogini. Not sure if it started before people began to classify me a Mystic, but let it just be known that this experience has been around a loooooooooooooooooooooong time in my life.

And I’m kind of tired of it. Really tired of it actually. I want to be able to serve others, support others, and support myself. I see and understand that I must be able to serve and support myself to support others. I must do certain things in order for abundance to come to my life and stay flowing consistently.

I was expressing these sentiments to various people of how tired I was not having a place to live, relying on others (and releasing the Prince Charming Complex I was carrying), and how I just didn’t want to be broke any more! I wasn’t sure how I was going to shift it, but I would! I was hoping someone would have an answer.

I kept looking over the job ads, impressed at the vast amount of jobs in Vancouver, but my eyes would glaze over. They didn’t seem very suitable for me. Nor fulfilling. It feels like a piece of my soul dies when I work jobs that are unfulfilling to me and don’t serve a person in a deep way.

One of my yogini friends piped up one day with an answer and offered to send me some meditations Hari Singh, one of the lead trainers at Yoga West, had sent her. I immediately agreed.

My fire was so hot on changing my prosperity levels that I began a few days after she sent it. I decided to do the recommended length of 120 days. I am sixty days in.

And this is changing my life.

First it began with the belief systems I held, the thoughts and ideas about money. I have for the first month journal entries of the way my thinking was changing and coming to understand that money is like water. Constantly flowing, moving, shifting. Sometimes there’s more, and sometimes there’s less. We can increase our prosperity by building a larger riverbank for the finances to run through, creating a larger and larger stream into our lives.

We begin as a creek and create larger and larger spaces until you can hold an ocean of abundance.

After 30 days things shifted in my physical life: I found a job that seemed too perfect for me, as a nanny with very flexible shifts (thank you God! No worries if this gypsy wants to go travelling!) and I began an successful Indiegogo Campaign to move my business, Willow’s Lavender, to the next level.

My ideas and perceptions on what, where and how I spend my money have changed dramatically which I notice daily. I have seen so many shifts and my friends have noticed so many that I began teaching others, and have now made a video, started a Facebook Group and taught several classes in person. All of this was not expected. None of this was. It just is.

So I gift you with the Prosperity Meditations that have changed my life: Sobagh Kriya and Gyan Chakra Kriya.

I heavily recommend that you do these meditations (which are about 20 minutes a day) for 120 days for maximum results.

Subagh Kryia PDF

 Gyan Chakra Kriya PDF

Facebook if you want support/have questions!

Let me know what your experience is!

Subagh Kriya is said to be one of the most powerful Kriyas.


One of my friends, another Kundalini Yogini, made the astute statement: “I never see any broke Kundalini Yogis. I think we are on the right path if we’d like to be well off and not worried about finances.”

And most of the yogis I tell that I’m doing this say “Woah, that’s a powerful Kriya.” With the knowledge that comes from one who has done this practice before.