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This is a fun kriya!

I wanted to write about this kriya because I found it to be very powerful. Right now in my life there has been a pattern of my heart hurting. A lot.

I did this kriya for three days in a row, and found myself sick in bed for five days. I definitely felt like I was clearing a lot of stuff out of my emotional field! I’m not even sure what it all was, but often my guides tell me I don’t need to know everything I’m healing! It’s good enough to deal with it and let it go.

After a few days of good health I began to do the kriya again daily and after about nine days I stopped. My heart was hurting so much! I found myself spontaneously crying because of the stretching it felt my heart was undertaking. My heart wasn’t hurting all the time though there often was a dull ache. It was more at random times it would hurt so much tears would come to my eyes.

When I look in the book at the meditation Yogi B simply says something like: If your not feeling the love do this meditation and you will feel the love.

I decided to take it easy and ease off the kriya for a while. I know its a good one for me and I plan to go back to it once I get grounded in my new home. I have just been following Maya Fienne’s You Tube video. 🙂