I am always looking for ways I can contribute my skills and knowledge with others and am open to collaborations throughout the world. Here are the ways we can currently collaborate. If you think of something else send me an email.

Seeking Teachers to Interview

Each month a new Kundalini Yoga Teacher is interviewed. These interviews provide real insight into the teachers lives, wisdom, and personalities. I love doing the interviews and providing the Kundalini Yoga world with such a raw view of what it takes to be a teacher. We talk about the transformation that Kundalini yoga brought into our lives, the challenges, the love of it, and of course, your favourite music.

This is an ideal space to promote yourself as well. Each interviewee is promoted to the approx 3000 people who view MY each month and at the bottom of each interview is a bio with links to where you teach and/or how to get a hold of you. I want you to be seen, and will give you the link as well as share it among the community I have personally built thus far.

Email me if interested. Include a blurb about yourself, location, website, and any other relevant information.

Seeking Guest Blog Posts

I am currently seeking guest blog posts related to Kundalini Yoga only. The original intention of this blog was to humanize Kundalini Yoga more than it is right now and make the teachings accessible to everyone while also instilling the wisdom inside me.

I now would like to open up the blog to those who have powerful, poignant stories and to those who have awesome teachings and keys of wisdom to share. I am open to your wisdom. Let’s share it with the world.

Send me an email with a blurb about you and a blurb pitching your topic.

Teaching & Co-Facilitation

I would love to teach more often and am currently seeking and calling in opportunities to teach or co-teach around the world. I am happy to teach Reiki classes or about crystals too – online and offline.