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I’m so stoked!

I have finally written and published an ebook all about herpes. It’s called Conquer Herpes: The Ebook.

It’s an amazing forty pages long, and includes a natural method to stop outbreaks in their tracks, as well as a cure for the disease. It doesn’t stop there though! We go into the mental-emotional aspects of the dis-ease. There’s a ton of questions to answer to help identify belief systems and emotions that may be holding the dis-ease in your body. There’s even a meditation!

It’s retailing for $4.99 and up, and it has its own page!

Man, writing ebooks can be time consuming! I totally like to work in chunks too, so once I get focused on something it’s all I pretty much want to do! It feels so good when it’s complete though!

On other news, I have begun to work with a coach and there’s probably going to be some changes here on the website over the next month which will (hopefully) include more consistency in posts, and a better about me page. Yay!

Lotsa love!