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This is a continuation of last weeks post The Energetics of Herpes. If you haven’t read that one its probably a wise idea to read it before this post.

As we continue to explore Herpes and reflect on it we can clearly see that it is a very sexual disease affecting the sexual organs. This to me states that from an energetic perspective its “home” resides in the Sacral Chakra, and it is closely tied to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus.

sacralchakraThe Sacral Chakra is the energy center that is in charge of the sexual aspect of us as human beings, among other things, in the simpliest of terms. The Root chakra takes care of making sure that we have enough, and the Solar Plexus is in charge of our personal power. To find more in depth information you can go here.

When we work with energy we often refer to these Chakra points to bring into focus what we are working on. The focus here for me is the Sacral Chakra.

I did some family constellation work with a Shaman I know well who is creating his own version of that modality by incorporating spirituality, NLP, and magick. I choose to have Herpes represented. Friend 1 stood in for me, I stood in for the virus, and Friend 2 stood in for the Positive Intentions of the Virus.

In the constellation the virus was like a warrior lying in wait for the perfect moment to attack. It didn’t care about anything else. It simply was enjoying the game.

Friend 1 was scared of the virus. Didn’t want it. Resisted it.

Friend 2 (positive intention) approached Friend 1, and the virus was curious. The virus moved so that it could see the interaction between Friend 2 and Friend 1. Friend 2 (positive intention) asked Friend 1 if she would accept the gifts she had to bring.

Friend 1 said yes.

As soon as the hearts opened and Friend 1 received the positive intention of Friend 2, the virus was no longer interested in being around. It felt good, but there was no more work to be done, and off the virus went.

As Friend 1 integrated Friend 2, the positive intentions of the virus, in my body I felt a burning sensation where the breakouts start for me. As soon as this constellation was complete the shaman smudged all of us.

“The virus is still there, there is still more work to do, but this will open up the doors” said he. I nodded because I had felt that.

The friend who had been the positive intention of Herpes at the end expressed that she had felt a blockage between the sacral chakra and the heart chakra. She said that she feels that I could clear it out easily with visualizations.

I found this to be extremely informative, telling me that the expression of my heart is directly connected to the expression of my sexuality. It tells me that in order to own my sexuality I must forgive myself sexually (trauma survivor and the guilt, see Louise Hay’s words in the previous post on Herpes).

I’ve been doing a simple visualization almost daily, whenever I think about it, of white-gold light dissolving any blockages between my sacral and heart chakras. When I really tune into it at around the diaphragm I feel something shifting. I’m not sure what it is but I can tell you that it is shifting my experiences with men.

What is the positive intention of Herpes? How can I love Herpes and accept all its lessons? Most of what I’ve felt towards it has been fear and anger. When I brainstorm though this is what I get:

Eat-your-veggiesThus far herpes has taught me a ton about diet. I’ve perfected sugar free alkaline chocolates that kick ass. I’ve learned about alkalinity in the body and how to alkalize it.

I can’t abuse my body by the food that I eat. What I eat is not a choice anymore – I’ve known for years that certain foods harm my body but eat them anyways because they are “cheap”.  Most of these foods are acidic.

I’ve learned that I need to chill out frequently and any times my shoulders start to rise in tension. The best way to chill out? See the big picture and relax into the now.

I’ve learned to take it easy on myself. It’s okay to go at the pace that I go, despite what other people think. I can only go at my own pace because if I go too slow that demotivates me, but if I go too fast, it hurts my body.

I’ve learned patience with the pace of life, with myself and my body.

Most people don’t know what to say about herpes and that many adults squirm when the topic comes up. And that there are just as many people who don’t know about herpes that do know about it.

I’ve definitely learned about how sensitive my body is and about my immune system.

I’ve also learned that I am not invulnerable. I mentally knew it and could tell you that, but as I’m still in my young 20’s I had that “I’m invincible” way of being in the world because that’s how I felt. Not anymore.

Its led me to learn more about my body as a woman, often surprising myself with my discoveries. Latest one: Parthenogenesis.

Funny yet True Learnings about Herpes

With that, I am feeling complete on this topic.

I would love to hear your input or feedback! What do you know/experience with the energetic level of herpes? What has your experience of herpes taught you?

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