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meditationKirtan kriya. Oh Kirtan Kriya.

This meditation is a big deal right now in my life. In general though Kirtan Kriya is a big deal. Especially for women. I’ve heard a couple of male yogis in my research say that if they had to choose one meditation forever this would be it. 

Kirtan Kriya was given to our class in our homework for our forty day challenge. It’s a thirty one minute meditation chanting sa ta na ma (instructions are given at the end of this blog post). I am currently doing a ninety day challenge of which I’m halfway complete because it’s doing a lot of good things as much as I resist it.

And that’s the thing.

I hate doing Kirtan Kriya. It’s a horrible meditation in my opinion. Yet I know that its a great meditation. These feelings that are coming up all of the resistance and dislike are actually positive things. It means that it’s really working on healing a part of my wounded ego and releasing things from me that I’m probably not even aware of!

My experience of Kirtan Kriya is that it is one of the most challenging meditations I’ve completed. I resist to the point of staying up until 3 AM at times. Sometimes I can barely sit through the meditation or keep my eyes closed. My mind is everywhere.

I convinced myself it was not resonate and I shouldn’t do it at one point. Then I convinced myself I didn’t have time. I also convinced myself that it was stupid.

Then I meditated on Kirtan Kriya. It sounds funny but I wanted to know what was up with the crazy amount of resistance I was experiencing. I learned that this resistance was a positive thing. This resistance proved that there was stuff happening, internal shifts occurring whether I liked or knew about them. 

It is important that I continue to do this meditation until the resistance disappears or until one thousand days goes by – that’s when Yogi Bhajan states one has received master over the practice we are doing. If I continue to do this meditation until that resistance is gone I feel that I will have released that part of me that creates such resistance.

I finally did research on Kirtan Kriya when I completed 40 days and here are some of the benefits:

– Increased memory (check)
– Helps break addictions and negative habits (I’m still a sugar addict thus far; I crave something sweet after each meal right now)
– Balances the hormones in women, as well as the moon centers and menstrual challenges
– Reduces stress
– Reduces the chances of experiencing depression
– Helps release pain stored in the auric field
– Balances the pituitary and pineal glands
– Rearranges the subconscious for us
– Improves your sleep
– And from my experience and what I’ve witness in my class mates, increases intuition

Here is a detailed article by Dr. Dharma who is doing in-depth research on the effects of Kirtan Kriya. There are even more ways this meditation benefits you there!

Yogi Bhajan says something very interesting about this meditation for women. Women have two arc lines instead of just one as men do. The arc lines are talked about in depth here, however, are really quick run through is that the arc lines are part of the auric fields that connect us to our intuition, clarity and purpose in life.

Everyone has an arc line that extends from ear lobe to ear lobe across the forehead. Women have an additional arc line that extends from nipple to nipple. This second arc line contains the imprint of every person we have “merged” with or made love with.

Every single person.

Kirtan Kriya has the power to remove the imprints contained in the arc line!

This is huge!

Life changing huge! 

And I believe it to be true in my experience. On Day 38 of my forty day challenge I suddenly began to notice shifts in my heart for the first time. And most days after that I’ve experienced shifts in my heart as I do this meditation. 

Kirtan Kriya is often recommended as the meditation for those who are stuck on a past lover to release that person and heal the auric field over time, man or woman.

Here you have it, ladies and gentlemen! A meditation to help heal your broken heart, release the lovers that are no longer with you, reduce your stress and depression while making your brain and memory function better. 

This is the power of Kirtan Kriya. And its effects get stronger I feel as I continue to do it everyday. This is why I’m going for 90 days and seriously contemplating continuing for 1000 days. I figure I’ll hit one milestone at a time though before deciding how far I will actually go. 

If you want to join myself and other people doing Kirtan Kriya join the Facebook Group here. Introduce yourself and feel free to share your experiences and ask questions.

Instructions for Kirtan Kriya
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