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There is so much to do! Life has been a bit crazy here but I’ve been keeping up with my Daily Meditation Practice no matter what, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it! I want to get more regular updating here.

My first day job is ending on Monday and my main business is starting to take off so its been getting a little overwhelming to keep up with the blog here. I also have three major applications (for funding) I’m working on and launched a new website. Oi!

Here’s an update on the daily meditation practices I’ve been doing:

Grace of God: 41 days
Karma Clearing: 37 days
Ardas Bahee: 37 days

Grace of God @ approx 10 minutes

This is a meditation that is inside the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual Level One. It’s the meditation my friend picked for me to do when I was going through my complete indecision about meditations and Kundalini Yoga. It’s become one of my favourite meditations too. It’s super easy, and I feel like it’s very powerful.

It uses the power of affirmation to align you with God’s Will. And I think it’s working. My life is flowing beautifully right now and when I feel into the cause it’s because of these meditations, I swear!

There’s not a lot for me to say about this meditation because its simple and fast. I haven’t had any super potent experiences in this meditation however I can witness the effects in my life because there seems to be some type of graceful flow I’m in that I can’t deny.

I plan to continue this meditation indefinitely. I have no expectations or attachments to the outcome of this meditation and am enjoying it immensely.

Ancestral Karma Clearing @ 11 minutes

This meditation was done as a 40 day Sadhana challenge with Spirit Voyage. The song used is by Ashana and its so beautiful. There are crystal bowls used in the making of the song!!!

I love this meditation too just because of the beauty of it. I have had some powerful experiences during it. I have cried, felt heat rising in my body, shaken uncontrollably, and practised projecting my voice.

Last week my mom and I (who live in different provinces) both got sick at the same time with the same symptoms. I couldn’t stop wondering if this was because of the meditation.

Any time we do healing with our lineage and our ancestors all our family members will be affected. It’s powerful work that needs to be done. I really believe that if each family had one or more people who devoted part of their healing work to their family lines whole families would shift in consciousness over time to that of possible ascension. I say this because there has been a huge shift of consciousness within my family and how we relate to each other over the past few years I’ve been doing ancestral healing work.

Ardas Bahee @ 31 minutes

This meditation I did because I realized I was in Shakti Pad. It is a meditation meant to help you manifest the desires of your heart, and to draw those desires towards you.

I can’t believe the effect of this meditation on my life. This meditation seems to be part of the reason I feel such an overhaul of my life sometimes, which can be overwhelming. During meditations I haven’t had too powerful of an experience. I can get really into chanting this though.

On days when I haven’t had time to meditate to it I’ll fall asleep chanting it on repeat. I notice I’ll wake up after about two hours and turn it off, but those are the days I feel are powerful days in manifesting my hearts desires.


This feels like a lovely and potent combination of meditations for my life right now. There are other meditations I’ve bookmarked that I want to do, but with these meditations affecting my life in such a positive way I don’t want to stop yet!

I’m going to continue these meditations indefinitely, and plan some “power days” where I do a couple of meditations for 2 1/2 hours – the max time to do a meditation from my understand to see what happens with those other meditations I want to do.

If I add back in a physical practice I’ll be able to work on some other things I am excited to shift too!