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Name: The Eleventh Embodiment.

Key Word(s): Divine Vision, Truth for All.

Key Saying(s): Infinity.

Guru: Siri Gur Granth Sahib. 

Question(s): Is my identity Sat Nam (truth is my name)? Do I allow Infinity to flow through me?

“When the God in you, and the human in you are in parallel unisonness, then you are an 11. You have no duality, you have divine vision, and the truth flows from you. You don’t have to find anything outside of you. The jewels are all in you – you are rich inside, you have satisfaction and contentment.” – Yogi Bhajan

This is the command center. This is everything together; the sound current from which all sound stems. This is the pure state of consciousness where you can direct all ten bodies at will. You recognize and can direct from an impersonal and expansive state that allows Infinity to flow through you always.

How to Balance: Nam Simran or meditative reciting of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

Resources: From my understanding, Yogi Bhajan taught about the ten bodies sporadically over many years of teaching. He didn’t teach a class on the Ten Bodies. Various students of his have collected the information I will be presenting to you here, namely from the The Aquarian Teacher Instructor Manual Level One and The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nivair Singh Khalsa.

That completes this series on the Ten Bodies! I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning about these bodies and am looking forward to working with them. ❤