It’s been kinda crazy in my life the past few weeks. Ever since Yoga Teacher Training ended actually. Two days after the course ended I found a place to live, finally! For the entire eight month duration of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I was living out of various people’s living rooms. It was very stressful for me.

Two days after it ended I also moved into the new place, and finally unpacked my bags. I finally had a space to take a big deep sigh but I went straight into increased work hours for a couple of weeks. And then I ended the intimate relationship I was in. Needless to say its been a bit busy!

I’ve been learning about yoga insurance – as most studios in Vancouver will ask for it when I want to apply working there – and have been connecting with various yoga teachers in different traditions. This has been a great opportunity to learn about how to do private yoga sessions (which wasn’t mentioned in our training), and what the status is like for yoga teachers right now in the Vancouver area.

I’ve been getting back on the daily Sadhana. For a few days I stopped at some point and took a breather. I’ve been reorienting myself on my own practice again which is a physical and meditative practice, not just meditative as it mostly was in my training. One thing is for sure, the training could’ve had a more physical element to it. Make it part of the homework to do a kriya and meditation a day.

If you do a kriya a day you are going to be set to teach a class any time anywhere.

Toodle-loo for now!