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Yogi Bhajan says the teachers oath is: “I am not a woman. I am not a man. I am not a person. I am not myself. I am a Teacher.”

Pretty powerful words.

He goes on to explain that a teacher is a vehicle through which God is experienced. God uses that teacher to teach. We are an empty vessel and then God comes through the vessel like water poured from a vase. That is a teacher.

As I contemplated all sorts of things around this time of year, as its my birthday and a new year in the calendar, I wanted to write up a Manifesto of a Yogini. I thought there must be something out there already but when I did a quick search there was nothing that resonated.

Here is my very personal current Yoga Manifesto ~ Manifesto of a Yogini


It’s very simple, just as yoga is to me. Yes it can be challenging and difficult. But that’s part of the process of release that leads to Divinity.

When I come to class it is simple: Do these postures, use the breath or mantras and unite body, mind and spirit. Attain union with God.

When I teach a class it is simple: May Source, God, whatever you want to say, flow through me so the students experience union with God. Then I let go and surrender to that flow.

What is your manifesto?