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The flower blooms! Yay!  Picture Source

The flower blooms! Yay!
Picture Source

The Fourth Stage – Sahej Pad – The Expert

“The expert learns by teaching. To truly master something you must teach it.” – Yogi B

This is a wonderful stage filled with joy, ease and elegance. This is where you accept your radiance fully and you are in complete alignment with your dharma and destiny. All you want to do is teach and serve with love. Totally different from Shakti Pad, eh?

Here you are focused on your goal, humble, intuitive, and in alignment with the bigger picture. There is never the question of why you are on this path, you just do it, intuitively, as this stage also includes an increase of sensitivity. The increase of sensitivity though allows you to see from the macro point of view instead of just the micro point of view like in Karam Pad.

In this stage you have a permanent mental link to your teacher.

Compassion is present in this stage in all actions and there is a non-attachment to the skills. One of the best things to do in this stage is to mentor a younger or less experienced person on the path.

What is your experience of this stage in your life, even beyond yoga?

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