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** This is the starts of a series of posts on Herpes and the Healing Process. You can go the following posts that discuss Herpes and Healing it: Diet, Kundalini Yoga, Energetics Pt1, Energetics Pt2 **

I woke up today at 4:20 AM and was already twenty minutes late for Sadhana. I decided to not do it.

Then at 7:30 am I woke up again. This is the second day that my yoni has been hurting, but it hurts more today. I investigate. I’m having a breakout from Herpes. Great.

I try to go to work and the internet isn’t working. Can’t load a thing.

My body is aching from three hours of yoga yesterday, and my mind is racing about the breakout. I attempt to do yoga and meditate but crumple into a ball of tears on my yoga mat saying screw it.

Here’s the thing that I was contemplating, ladies and gentlemen, as I put away all my teas containing caffeine and cook up ridiculously over-spiced garlic and ginger (gotta put my anger somewhere!) chickpeas (one of the best comfort foods available).

I thought to myself that there are other people with herpes who want to find a natural cure as much as I do. Western Science says that its incurable, and well, I decided a long time ago that I’m a superhero and I just have to figure out how to uncover the superhero part of me, that we all have. This belief system does some interesting things.

One of those things is that when someone says I can’t do something I automatically want to say “That’s bullsh*t. We just don’t know how to do it YET.”

And that’s what I say to you medical doctors who say I have an incurable disease. And this is what I have to say to all of you that are experiencing Herpes.

I’m going to figure this out. Not only for me, but for you, too. We all deserve to live in healthy and whole bodies, and I am not going to have Herpes for the rest of my life. You don’t have to either.

Together, we can figure this out.

Maybe there’s a magic cure in the East we just don’t know of yet. Maybe its a combination of various things that will work. Maybe its a highly individualized programme of diet, exercise and supplements.

All I know is that beginning today I am going to share this part of my journey here.

Why? Because right now my journey is hugely involved with Yoga.

Also, I heard that there are several yogic practices that will clean up my body to being disease free. Let us begin!

I know that its a challenge to know whether or not it goes away, but if I can live without another breakout ever again, I’d be happy with that.


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