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meditationkirtanIt was on Day 144 that in another meditation I realized Kirtan Kriya wasn’t doing anything for me at the moment. I realized that I could release it.

And I did.

It was easy.

My mind wanted to put all these ideas and thoughts, what-ifs and hypothesises: what about doing the meditation for 1000 days? What if I miss something? What if I regret stopping?

The feeling that what needed to be worked through with Kirtan Kritya was now complete was so strong though that I couldn’t deny it. The feeling seemed to hear the thoughts and then proceed to squash them to non-existence. It seemed that I almost thoughtlessly let it go.

On day 144 I didn’t do Kirtan Kriya.

And it felt okay. In fact, its felt okay ever since.

I was surprised it was so easy to release but I suppose that’s what happens when you are ready to release.

I was wondering how you would know when a meditation was complete last teacher training and my teacher, Nirmal, had said that you would just know. Boy, was she right!

I also asked her how one would know how long to do a meditation for, and how to pick it. Again, she said “You will just know.”

She’s right. I am doing the homework meditation right now, Thunderbolts of Shiva, and suddenly in the middle of meditation one day I knew I needed to do forty days with this one. And it felt right.

Its easy to flow in and out of your practice. I feel that you need to know when you are challenging yourself and when you really just don’t need a practice and creating stress for no reason. I’ve totally done both.

How do you tell? 

Your intuition is a good place to start. Then identifying if you feel like if the meditation is benefiting your life or not any more. I noticed with Kirtan Kriya around day 130 start to loose its potency. My mind was trying to find its potency still, and some days there were shifts however most of the time I felt nothing going on or changing in relation to this kriya.

Whereas I’m on day 126 of Prosperity Meditation and I’m still feeling strong effects of that meditation in my mind and body when I meditate with that one. So I challenge myself to go further with it moving more into perfection or mastery with that element of my life.

The Results of Kirtan Kriya (For Me)

Here’s what I noticed in a list! Yay!

  • Kirtan Kriya definitely shifted the heart armour I wore.
  • On one day in particular I felt a whole chunk lift off of my heart and dissapate.
  • It increased my radiance.
  • It let me see how I’m affected by certain men still in my life.
  • My mind is definitely clearer and my memory is better.
  • I definitely feel like I’m handling stress better.

~ Goodbye Kirtan Kriya! It was lovely getting to know you. I learned a lot, and am happy we became friends even though at first we didn’t like each other. I hope that you find others to dance with – I know you will. ~

I’m still involved in the Facebook Group, so if you want to join a community practising it, join us! I check for updates to answer questions frequently.