Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga

TumbledCrystalsI’ve been addicted to crystals for a very long time, so it was only logical that when I began practising yoga daily that my practise would include crystals.

I began to grid my mat with different crystals, experimenting with different combinations, and using combinations from my Atlantean Crystal Healing work.

I loved it!

Now I want to teach you and everyone else Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga!

The only differences between a regular Kundalini Yoga class and a Crystal Infused Yoga class is that the class is done with your yoga mat in a crystal grid that you are guided to put together before we begin. And there will be talk of crystals. Probably a lot of talk about crystals. And yoga. Two awesome things put together!

– Subtle healing from the crystals as you do your practice, felt especially in Deep Relaxation
– Quicker entry into a calm and meditative space
– More insights and clarity
– A feeling of deep, deep peace at the end of class
– Stronger impact of the kriya

Stay tuned for classes in the Vancouver area!

P.S. I’ve started making Crystal Infused Yoga Mats!


2 thoughts on “Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga”

  1. Nadia norton said:

    Hi I saw a girls post on Instagram about buying crystals from your site. I would really like the Andara crystal. Can you please let me know where I can get it from

    • Hi Nadia, I sell Andara crystals. If you are living in the Vancouver area we can set up a private viewing for the collection, or if you want to see photos of what I have please email me at serafinachristine at or contact me on Facebook Serafina Christine – Willows Lavender. Thanks!

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