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I am sooooooo excited to be presenting this next series of posts to you! I’ve been thinking a lot about them and its simply come down to making the time to write them. 🙂


The Top Crystals for Saram Pad: The Novice

Walking-the-LabyrinthWelcome to the first stage of the spiritual journey, according to Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan – Saram Pad: the Novice.

Essentially this is the part of the journey we all experience. It is where we are beginners and we are inspired to be on our path. We are learning and exploring something new. We have very little experience but we are excited! We follow the rules of the path we are given, and do our best.

In The Teacher’s Manual Yogi Bhajan says:

“A novice must cultivate obedience, motivation and discipline.”

When we come onto a new path or even begin a new pursuit of any kind these qualities are absolutely necessary if we wish to proceed and grow whatever the skill is we have. These expand out into all areas of our life. If you want to be a doctor you go to medical school (obedience), study for the exams (discipline) and graduate (motivation), right?

So it is with a spiritual path. Not all of us are seeking enlightenment but whatever drew you to the path will often shift away and motivation goes with it. Sometimes we will find new motivations and sometimes we don’t and we drift. These motivations are what carry us through the challenges and the hard work a spiritual path can often be.

Most paths require discipline because it is through habit we establish norms in our lives. As we establish norms we grow the seeds of our practice. Through our discipline we create a fertile soil for the work to be done, karmas to be erased and rectified, and to create a sustainable elevated frequency to operate from in our lives. Our practice grows stronger and deeper with each passing day we do it.

It’s much easier to learn when we are obedient to those who have come before us and who step into place as our teacher. We can learn faster that way, walk the path they have already tread, and come to know ourselves and the practice deeper. In our obedience we will find ourselves developing traits considered to be “spiritual”, which I like to call “more human”, naturally, as we learn to listen, experience and serve.

So what crystals can support us in this stage? What crystals can help us keep a beginners mind, create faster learning, and give us discipline? Which crystals can help elevate us to the higher realms?

Five Crystals For You

Amazonite: truth teller, speaking the truth, personal truth, boundaries, aligning the inner with the outer and vice versa.

Amethyst: gateway crystal, helps heal addictions/bad habits, helps in meditation, transmutes negativity, protective.

Blue Aventurine: self-discipline, shifting bad habits, helps one take self-responsibility, self-empowerment.

Fancy Jasper: Grounding, helps one to “just do it”, calms the mind.

Onyx:  helps integrate spiritual insights and ideas, helps with discipline and will power, keeps one focused.

Zoisite (with ruby): Strengthens the connection between mind & heart, promotes growth and healing on all levels, helps with ‘rebirth’  process, energizing, opens the heart, teaches surrender.

A Few Bonus Crystals: Selenite, turquoise, clear quartz, rose Quartz, petrified wood, citrine.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of this part of the spiritual journey. It is however, when I reflect on it, a list of common crystals that help in the beginning of a spiritual journey. Everyone is a bit different so you may feel called to work with minerals not on this list. That’s okay.

These are the minerals that many people are attracted to that begin to open up a whole other world to them. Most of these are easy to find and easy to work with. They will bring you out of this world experiences yet help you stay inside this world.

Most importantly they will help you open up, shift, stay focused, and do what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

What crystals do you find you were first attracted to in your journey?