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Image done by Jodie Ponto

Image done by Jodie Ponto

I’ve been meaning to write here for a while. There are few things I’ve noticed since moving to this new city ( I moved to Nelson BC October 8th):

1) There is one studio to do Kundalini Yoga out of: Sat Kaur Studios*. All the other studios tell me to go the teacher at this studio. Sat Kaur, is a wonderful maternal woman, who has been so kind and a blessing to me living in this new city. I have received the opportunity to sub one of her classes mid-November. I’m so stoked!

*If you are local you will know her classes at the Moving Center. 🙂

2) Since moving here I’ve felt the call to do more yoga with others. In Vancouver it was rare you would find me in a class. Partially it was because of transportation to/from the studio was far, partially it was because I found myself staying away from public transport as much as possible, partially it was because I couldn’t pay for the class and partially it was because I had my own practice and liked it that way.

Yup, those were all my excuses. Lol.

Here, I want to connect with others in any way possible. I want to build a community I know, love and trust here. This is not a big city. There are two Kundalini yoga classes in Nelson regularly. These are Pay What You Can. The classes are a 15 minute walk from my current home. There is not much to keep me from going to a class!

I’m quite enjoying practising in group settings. 🙂

3) Nelson is craving Kundalini Teachers. When I introduced myself to Sat Kaur one of her first questions was: Do you want to teach? Of course! I responded. And now that ball is rolling. We will see how it goes. I’ve heard from her and another teacher that Nelson needs teachers!

The community here seems large and diverse of Kundalini Yoga teachers and participants. There is definitely a familiarity with the practice. I went to one party and everyone knew about Kundalini yoga, and almost everyone had gone to at least one class. Which is pretty awesome!

It’s pretty cool. I’m excited to see where it will go! I will have a weekly class at The Women’s Centre at the end of November I’m excited about! I’ll add a link to the class info when it’s all set up. 🙂

Have a great night!

I am personally really enjoying the slower pace offered in this smaller community and the walking distance between things – I love it! The small town feeling is great. I’m manifesting living in a place similar to this with lots of heat and sun though ~ being in the middle of the mountains is not my ideal. I have an understanding of why I’m here though ~ Watch for the next post! 🙂