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Kundalini Yoga in Dolores Park with Sariah and Seva Simran. :)

Kundalini Yoga in Dolores Park with Sariah and Seva Simran. 🙂

Life has been a whirlwind for me the past few weeks. I’m finally in a space of settling down a bit more. I stopped doing my meditations as well ~ planning to start doing them again today.

It’s only the mind that makes things complicated. Nothing really ever is. The mind attaches all sorts of amendments to any thoughts we have. A natural way of thinking I suppose, or is it taught?

About three weeks ago I was offered my dream job in Nelson, BC, which is about eight hours north east of Vancouver. It was amazing at the grace that followed: one day later my room in Vancouver was rented, three days later my bike sold, four days later I had a room in Nelson, 7 days later a man came and picked up my stuff in Vancouver & delivered it to Nelson for $50.

Three days after that I left for Sacramento, CA because I had felt a ping to attend a small Transformational Festival called Transcendence. I was very excited because I was working as a crystal healer and teaching yoga there. I taught a Saturday 8 am Crystal Infused Class with 13 people! 🙂

It was a very still class because the set I choose was a pranayama for opening up the heart chakra, and the mediation was the meditation for self-love and acceptance. Normally I try to do a more physical based practice because many people unfamiliar with Kundalini Yoga I’ve noticed like the physicality of the practice, so I was concerned people weren’t going to like the class, however it felt right to teach these in my one hour slot. It was a fun class!

The festival got shut down on Saturday night {due to permits} and I rolled into my favourite city in the world: San Francisco. I would love, love, love to live there one day, or perhaps Santa Cruz. I just love the energy and the people in the area. There is so much happening for Conscious Dance and for Yoga and for the Crystals and Spirituality.

I feel so at home there because there are people there who can meet me and challenge me in so many areas of my own evolution and growth. I feel so much at home and the muse alive in me when I am in the area ~ I fall in love with myself all over again because I can feel myself in the fullest way possible. It’s my home & one day I plan to manifest a visa so I can live there ~ possibly even open a crystal store in San Fran because the city desperately needs it. I have a huge vision for that crystal store…

Anyways, back to Kundalini Yoga! On Sunday I discovered at Dolores Park there was a free Flash Mob Kundalini Yoga class in Dolores Park, and they brought a Gong!!! I was all over that, and enjoyed the class and meditation very much! The teachers, Sariah and Seva Simran were very welcoming and kind. It was really neat to meet some of the community in San Francisco and connect in.

On Monday I left to come back to Canada by train, and went straight up to Nelson, BC. Here I’m finding a lot of support. I’m going to check out Sat Kaur’s class at Sat Kaur Yoga/The Moving Center. That’s the place to be in Nelson, I’ve heard, for Kundalini Yoga. I’m very excited. I really like Sat Kaur.

And my yoga mats are finding a lot of support here. I’ve finally decided how I’m going to work the mats, and am setting up a page here for anyone interested in the hand painted mats I’m creating. I’m super excited about them! Check out the new page! 

Regular Posting will resume soon! Lotsa love!