I’ve pretty much stopped doing the physical practice of Kundalini Yoga which is a problem for me. My body needs to be stretched and exercised more, and I know it. I’ve been making up excuses which I need to stop doing. I’ve noticed the following things effect how easy it is for me to get myself doing the physical practice:

Having a clean, beautiful, calm space to practice in

This seems to be really important to my subconscious. Last year when I did my first 40 day challenge of physical yoga I was able to do the majority of my practice on a dock of a lake with water lilies blooming. There were tall trees surrounding the dock overarching it, and the was shining every day. It was warm and blissful.

When I woke up in the morning I was up almost instantly and excited to do my practice. It felt good! I looked forward to soaking in the sun and breathing the fresh, clean air, and looking at the water and flowers.

Right now I live in rainy Vancouver. It’s an urban setting and sometimes I can get to a park near my house to practice in, depending on the day. There are a lot more people here though so it can be challenging finding a nice, quiet, out-of-the-way spot on evenings and weekends. I’ve done my practice beside drunk people, beside people fishing, beside arguing couples, with dogs, and surrounded by screaming children.

My house doesn’t have a yard appropriate to practice: concrete back yard, messy front yard. I can do my practice inside my room when my other projects are not taking over my space. Painting a yoga mat though takes up most of the available floor space in the room for the day.

Because of all of these reasons, which are really excuses, my mind will play the card that there is nowhere to practice. Or it’s too much work or time-consuming to find the space to practice. Therefore I shouldn’t practice.

Not feeling pressured for time

As soon as I feel pressured for time it’s challenging for me to relax. I find myself rushing through the postures, and it’s very challenging for me to calm down my mind, which in itself could be and is a practice.

I really dislike feeling I have only five minutes to lie in savasna. I like to have a leisurely practice where I can snooze in savasna if I feel like it, and roll over to journal if I want, before getting up to eat something.

Do the practice in the morning

If I don’t do my practice in the morning I feel off kilter in some way. I also have a harder time fitting it into my day once my day has started. It’s like I’m on a different flow and its hard for me to stop that flow once its going (I’m a bit of a workaholic too probably).

Problem Solved!

Traditionally in Kundalini Yoga your morning practice should be at the time of Sadhana, 4 am to 7 am. These hours are the most potent time for your practice to be done because the sun is just rising and the energy on the planet is strong, clear, and refreshed.

I’ve also been listening to podcasts of people I’d like to emulate and the one thing that keeps coming up is to have a morning practice. I’ve even met people recently who have lifestyles I’d like to be living, and they speak about their morning “hour of power”, etc.

My practice fluxes throughout the day because I’ve refused to change my lifestyle to match the KY lifestyle. I party too much (I love to dance) so often on weekends I’m home at three or four in the morning. Which would make practising at that time an interesting endeavour.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided it must get done when I wake up in the morning. I feel better the earlier in the day I do my meditations, and I feel best when I am doing my meditations and a physical Kundalini Yoga practice. I have been working for the last week and a half to change my sleep pattern so I can get up at 4 am. I’m currently getting up at 5.30 am – slowly but surely!

The setting of my practice space is so important to me. When its dark, lighting a candle and allowing myself the time and space to go inside is a beautiful experience. Feeling my body expand and release the stress it holds from the day before and the distant past is a freeing experience. As my shoulders become more relaxed, my posture straighter, my hamstrings more flexible I fall in love with the practice all over again.

What do you notice stops you from doing a daily practice? How do you resolve that?