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Now it is time to reseed.  Picture Source

Now it is time to reseed.
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The Fifth Stage – Sat Pad – The Master

“The master yogi merges with the real Self and finds it immanent and present in every pert of the journey of life.” ~ Yogi B

This is a rare stage not attained by everyone, though it is the last stage. This is the stage of Truth or Reality. There is no distortion of the ego, and no separation, the master is merged with the journey and everything to do with it.

This is a fully embodied and fully present stage of life where the master operates from a neutral mind quickly and effectively. When the master responds to a situation it is done with intuitive consciousness, or proper use of Will, which means:

“.. the intuitive action that emanates from the whole person in response to the total situation. It is not forced. It is spontaneous but not impulsive…

… When we communicate from our Will, we discharge our honest complete self…. When we use Will to perform an action, we are totally present and the action is performed with effortless effort since there is no internal resistance or any split of attention.” ~ Yogi B from the KRI Level One Instructors Textbook, page 223

A master is aware of problems and responding to them before novices may even realize there is a problem! The master can respond to multiple things at once due the years of practice and developments of habits he has attained. He will be very concrete about ideas and actions even when they are abstract concepts.

The ego is dissolved into the Oneness of life and one experiences true existence. This is a stage of complete harmony and ease.

“The yogi who is a master feels he acts in the direct command of the Will of God or dharma.” ~ Yogi B

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