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You’ve probably already noticed the new banner. And the focus more on crystals and yoga.

I was planning on writing this sooner, but life happened! This is going to be a short blog post because all I want to tell you is that I have a Patreon account now!

Basically, the posts I write on Mystic Yogini often take a few hours to write including all of the research I do. I want to write good quality content each week, and I want to make Mystic Yogini the place to go for crystals combined with yoga, and a home for Kundalini Yoga. Beyond Mystic Yogini I have visions to create, and writing projects at hand.

To support this website and my other projects I have created a Patreon Account, where you can support me by make a monthly contribution to my work. Check it out here!

Your donation there will allow me to upgrade Mystic Yogini to a proper domain name, and to begin making Crystal Infused Yoga Videos! It will allow me to write more consistently here too!