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Well. It’s summer. I’ve been heavily distracted from my blogging time, which was so easy to do in the winter months mostly because the sun was missing! Now that it’s out I want to be outside, too! I’ve also been working on a project I’m very excited about! Before I tell you about that though, look!

It's official!

It’s official!

I was super stoked to go pick up the certificate from YogaWest the other day. I also received my marked final exam, which I received 99.75% on! A moment of feeling proud for myself even though it was an open book test.

It feels really good to have that certificate showing I accomplished something this past year in Vancouver. It creates a sense of “going somewhere” that I like to have in my life because sometimes it doesn’t seem like I’m getting anywhere.

Crystal Infused Yoga Mats

Now I’m going to share with you my latest creation which has definitely cut into my yoga time. I go on creative sprees where something becomes really fascinating to me and I become obsessed with working on it for a while.

My latest creation is Crystal Infused Yoga Mats! I’m stoked! Can you tell? πŸ˜‰

I spent eight hours grinding up a mixture of rose quartz, clear quartz, and selenite. Then I mixed it into the paint, and spent nine hours painting my yoga mat! It’s not my every day mat, but an experimental mat since this is my first time doing it, and the results are fantastic!

I already know what I would do different, and it was so much fun! I love it! Haha, probably why I was obsessed with it for a while.

Here are the pictures of the mat I just finished:












You have no idea how stoked I am to try it out at my next yoga class!

I’m leaving it alone for a little while because the sealant takes 72 hours to set. Right now the mat is a little sticky which I’m crossing fingers the stickiness goes away. Otherwise I won’t be using a sealant again because I noticed that when I took off little chunks of crystal that hadn’t been ground up finely enough in the paint it would take off a bit of the mat too. It seems that the paint soaked right into the mat!

Well. If I don’t get another mat to paint soon I’ll be back to making regular posts here!

Lots of love to you all! ❀

Mystic Yogini