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I am meditating beside some lilacs.

Meditating beside some lilacs.

Well, that was quite a trip.

This past weekend I spent out on the Sunshine Coast, at Camp Raj Yog, the retreat centre owned and run by Yoga West, which is part of a non-profit (3HO Vancouver). It was cold! And very rustic. There was good food, cold yogi tea, bears, waterfalls, beaches, and of course, lots of yoga and teachings.

Being out of the city with all my fellow yogi classmates was a wonderful experience though many of us were left with the desire to connect with each other more and that we didn’t really have enough time throughout the course and even during this last retreat to connect deeper. We have so much to say, so much to teach and learn from each other. We have grown deep bonds even with those we don’t really know because of the depths of the journeys we took with each other. We know what Sodarshan is and like. We know what Kirtan Kriya will do from personal experience.

It was bittersweet on Sunday when we all got ready and left the grounds, saying goodbye to each other. We said weepy goodbyes before dancing our way into the Golden Chain. And then it was all over.

Fast, simple, easy. We became one with the lineage. We received the benefits of all our hard work.

I am excited and sad at the same time. I’m excited for the new adventures and opportunities that will come my way. And I’m sad because the community that was surrounding me for the past eight months is no longer forced to hold itself together. Now it becomes a choice how much we still want to be involved in the satsang (spiritual community) of this kind. And now we are open in so many ways to become what we want to become.

I’ve already started to nervously teach yoga this month. I’m having fun planning the classes, and getting comfortable in my role as a teacher. I’m learning what I need to do to comfortably teach. I’m learning to become comfortable with the role, the power and the humbleness it carries with it.

When I reflect on the changes on my inner character from the journey of the teacher training I’m amazed. I feel whole, strong, secure. I feel in my power in many ways. I feel more confident and wise. I love myself much more than before, and am much more patient – I’m okay with my life. And with who I am. And with where I am. There are still things to shift – there always will be – but this now, this present moment, is great!

A deep sense of happiness and trust in myself and the world around me is inherent. There are things that bump but in reality I don’t have much to complain about. I’m in the practice of shifting from complaining at all to simple gratitude. Because I feel really, really lucky.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Even just for personal growth. This training will change you. You will cry, explode, scream, dance, love, die, be reborn, experience ecstasy, change your mind, struggle, meet Beings so incredible and so amazing you can’t believe they aren’t known to everyone in the world, and meet the perfect mirrors. You will fight with yourself, and you will fall in love with yourself deeper than you ever have before. You will come out of it all with a deep knowledge and trust of yourself. You will know that you are okay and that you can truly teach if you wish.

It’s an amazing journey. I don’t know where I am going right now. I don’t known what I’ll train in next – there’s much I want to learn and go deeper in. And I’m perfectly okay that I don’t know. I don’t need to know.

What I do know is that right now, this is perfection.

And life will unfold as it does.

Because I make the conscious choice as much as I can to walk my Destiny.

And that means I do yoga.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ll be updating the website soon!