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Name: The Arcline

Key Word(s): Justice, Protection, Projection. Personal Integrity.

Key Saying(s): Person at Prayer.

Guru: Guru Hargobind – Saviour of many unjustly prisoned princes.

Question(s): Am I able to manifest my goals? Do I do so with integrity? What do you project?

The arcline is part of your aura that extend from earlobe to earlobe across the hairline. It is your halo. All of us have them, but women have a second arcline that goes from nipple to nipple. These arclines do a couple of things, but one of the most important things for us at the moment is that the arcline controls your radiance and your projection. It gives you the ability to focus, to manifest what you want in your life, and it balances the physical and cosmic realms.

The arcline is special in the realms of prayer – the stronger it is, the stronger your prayer is.

It is also a strong protective mechanism when it is balanced. It will intuitively protect your inner being and Divinity without lifting a sword. There is a story somewhere where Yogi Bhajan met a man who was furious and declared equally as furious that he would kill Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan simply said something like “You will  not kill me because you cannot even get out of that chair and there is no reason to kill me.” The man didn’t even get up out of his chair, the conversation topic changed, and there was never a problem with that man again.

The arcline protected him from that other man because its projection is so strong.

We were taught that when you are interact with another person you are usually interacting with their arcline. And they yours. The arcline contains the imprints of who you are and what you are projecting out into the world. Do you ever remember a time where you put something out to the world and it wasn’t received well but two months later you put the same thing out and its received much better?

That’s because you shifted yourself. Navair Singh Khalsa shares a story inside his book that I love. It is about Ghandi. Ghandi took an appointment of a family. The family came in and the mother said to Ghandi, “my son won’t stop eating sugar. Please get him to stop eating sugar.”

Ghandi said, “Okay, come back in three days.”

The family came back three days later and Ghandi looked at the little boy and said: “Stop eating sugar.”

The little boy said, “Okay.”

That was it. The little boy got it, and he stopped eating sugar. When they were leaving the mother asked Ghandi about what happened – “Why couldn’t you have just said that three days ago?”

Ghandi responded, “Well, first I had to stop eating sugar.”

Our integrity is part of our projection into the world that the arc line promotes. People can subconsciously feel how integral you are, how trustworthy you are, and what your all about when they meet you. And vice versa. Integrity is when your inner reality meets your outer projection.

When the arcline is cleared it turns blue.

When the arcline is weak you may find yourself to be overprotective, unfocused, inconsistent in your moods, and unable to manifest.

How to Balance: Awaken the third eye/pituitary gland. I AM I AM meditation. Meditation for the Arcline. Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear Karmas. 

Resources: From my understanding, Yogi Bhajan taught about the ten bodies sporadically over many years of teaching. He didn’t teach a class on the Ten Bodies. Various students of his have collected the information I will be presenting to you here, namely from the The Aquarian Teacher Instructor Manual Level One and The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nivair Singh Khalsa.