altarI have a confession for you.

I am a wee bit obsessed with crystals.

I just do everything with them and place them everywhere.

And this year in my life beyond Kundalini Yoga I have officially become a crystalline importer – meaning I now sell minerals.

Awesome, hand-picked, magnificent ones!

This obsession though has led me to grid my yoga mat almost everyday since… well… a long time… It was only natural.

I never researched it, never asked around about, never even thought about it. It just was what I did and that is all.

And as I meditated and practised this past year in Teacher Training I had many insights. One of them was that I knew without a doubt I would teach Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga.

I set up my first Facebook Event Page for this first Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga class, and you know what? I was shocked out of my pants (almost… I’m not wearing pants) when I typed in Yoga and Crystals to receive 4,650,000 results from the Google Machine!

Of course, I had to investigate – oh what a rabbit hole crystals are, and yoga, combined, well, oh man…

I looked through the first page of Google, and though I’m impressed there are so many results, not many are quality results. They each contain aspects of really great things, but aren’t just a full comprehensive view of my personal favourite practice.

So stay tuned! I’m excited now to write about this!

And if you’re in the Vancouver area I invite you to come to my first Crystal Infused Kundalini Yoga Class!

Do you ever use crystals in your yoga practice? Which ones? How?