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Hey there,

This past week was my practicum on Friday. I was so scared and nervous but when I tuned in and began teaching it felt really good. It was a very small class – only three people. It was small, intimate, and at first I was concerned that a lack of music would be a problem, but it wasn’t.

I felt my body relax when I came into the meditation and deep relaxation portion of the class. Here, holding the energies in that space, I felt at home in. I didn’t feel at home yet wearing a turban, and teaching strict according to the rules. And its not to say that I don’t follow the rules…

I just want to teach with crystals, and grid peoples mats. I want to walk around if I wish. I want to dance in my classes. I want to teach people how to paint crystal infused yoga mats (this is my newest art project I’m working on and super stoked for!). I didn’t feel like who I was at the practicum was close to who I am as a teacher and Being.

But it went well. My feedback was good, and now that the practicum is over I can relax. I also have already completed the take home exam which took me a long time to do! I wanted to have everything complete by May 1st just because I know how busy life can get.

Now I’m looking for a new home so I can get into a routine of doing yoga again everyday. I miss its soft grounding center. I miss the softness of having your own space really and truly.

I just wanted to send you guys an update ~ I’ve been busy working hard. I have a few more chapters to read in my text book as of yet. The class is ending and I have many mixed feelings coming up.

OH oh oh! I’ve been booked for my first few yoga classes! I have to start planning for them! Two are going to be crystal infused yoga classes. I’m SO excited! One is on the Full Moon in Scorpio so its going to be infused with the full moon things and scorpio things and crystal things! Lol. I’m not sure yet what of each but you can be sure that it will be a great crystal infused kundalini yoga class. If your in the Vancouver area come check it out!

Much love,
Many blessings,