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expansivemindName: The Positive or Expansive Mind

Key Word(s): Equality, Positivity.

Key Saying(s): Devil or Divine.

Guru: Guru Amar Das – Known for his devotion, love, promoting equal rights and dignity.

Question(s): Am I open to all possibilities life has to offer? Do I let these into my life?

Lets continue our example from last week’s post on the Negative Mind. In continuance with Nivair Singh Khalsa’s example of crossing the street used in his book “The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness” we are trying to cross the street. With the Negative Mind we ended up being camped out because it was too much for us to cross the street. Now here comes a person with a overly strengthened Positive mind.

Whoa! Did you see that? They just bounded across the street, without looking! They didn’t even acknowledge they were on the road!

If we are operating from an overly strong positive mind we are not able to see the dangers that may be around us. We don’t even care when they are brought up to us. “How can anything bad ever happen to me? If it does, I have lots of money to take care of it anyways!”. They may seem careless and over enthusiastic because their positive mind is seeing just a tad bit too much good and not allowing the Negative mind to have a say. We may have unrealistic expectations, or the inability to say no.


The Positive Mind can see all the great things in all situations and people. It allows you to use your power easily, humbly, and gives you a strong will. Naturally it will make you playful and optimistic with a sense of humour. You will be very uplifting for others to be around.

If it is weak you could find yourself depressed or paralysed. You may be angry, hesitant to use and own your power due to a fear of responsibility it may bring or of abusing your power.

This body is so important for those in healing processes because it does allow you to access the power of your will which can be used in healing yourself. It also provides hope for those who need it, and hope is one of the greatest things we can give a person who is healing themselves for, if not used blindly, it can help them find and create the healing that they need.

This is the body where we project into the world what we want. It is a strong projection – for those  with a strong positive mind are often like a candle in the dark for those who need the positivity.

“Everything is sold through projection.” – Nivair Singh Khalsa

I thought that was a very interesting statement. In his book, “The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness”, Khalsa goes into more depth about this, however, what I took from it was that every time someone tries to sell us something they are selling us all the Positive mind stuff. They are not saying: Here’s the pro’s and con’s to buying this car. Sometimes they don’t even say “Are you sure you can afford this car?”. They just give it to you because you need the sale!

When someone sells you something they usually are giving you all the Positives. They are telling you how great it will be to experience this, how it will make your life just this much better, how you will feel totally fulfilled with this. It doesn’t matter what the consequences are. Just ignore them for now.

Is the experience worth the consequences? That’s something the Negative mind would bring up to balance the Positive mind. Thank God we have both minds!

If you have a weak positive mind the best things you can do for it is remove negativity from your life – removing the news will be helpful as most of it is fear based, or negative people can be helpful. I had to do both of those things in my own life a while back and I’m so grateful that I did! If you still want to be informed about global going on’s look into alternative news sources.

Another way to develop the Positive mind is to develop a sense of humor. AKA stop taking everything so seriously! So much of life is hilarious if we choose to see it – like the time I was teaching my friends yoga and someone farted. My ex started making fart jokes and had the entire class laughing, including me. Or the time I was teaching a thirteen year old boy yoga in a class with him cracking jokes the entire time about how out of shape he is even though he was the youngest person in the class.

These people could be looked at as the Class Clown or they could be viewed as bringing humour to my class. Neither of them were disruptive but rather had people smiling as they did Stretch Pose and Cobra!

How to Balance: Strengthen the Navel Point, increase self-esteem, use positive affirmations. Ego Eliminator (heart and throat). Rebirthing meditation. Develop a sense of humour.

Resources: From my understanding, Yogi Bhajan taught about the ten bodies sporadically over many years of teaching. He didn’t teach a class on the Ten Bodies. Various students of his have collected the information I will be presenting to you here, namely from the The Aquarian Teacher Instructor Manual Level One and The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nivair Singh Khalsa.