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soulbodyName: Soul Body

Key Word(s): Humility, Creativity. Balance.

Key Saying(s): Heart over Head.

Guru: Guru Nanak – Guru Nanak is the first Sikh guru and was noted for his humility. He was the creative force of the Sikh Dharma. When you bow you are bringing your head below your heart.

Question(s): Is my life a creative flow from my soul’s purpose? Do I come from the heart? Does this feel like my soul’s purpose?

This first body is the one that connects you to your own intuition, soul, infinity, whatever word you want to use. It is the body that allows you to experience the flow and grace of life. This body looks at wether it is your heart running the show or your ego?

When your ego is too strong you often come from your head, may feel stuck and may not feel like you can be creative and access flow.

When your heart is running the show you can become a doormat, and over-give.

When this body is in balance your heart and ego are in balance with each other, and you are very intuitive. You are able to give without expending yourself or your resources. You are able to live by your heart which allows your creativity to flow. You come from a place of humility and express from your heart. You are in a place of where you are an expression of your Soul.

This body is about finding the balance of the mind and the heart and not loosing either. We need the mind to help us create the desires of the heart, and we need the heart to bring life to the mind. They work together in a beautiful and seamless way when they are in balance with each other. The heart will guide us to our bliss, and our mind will make it happen in this world of ours when used as a tool to navigate.

This body will never collapse (some of the bodies like the physical body will collapse in death).

The body is connected to your heart. Often your soul will speak to you by giving signals within your body to be noticed such as a pain here, or a locked joint there. What is your body trying to tell you? Your body is like a radio – constantly receiving information from the bodies and translating it for you. It will tell you what your soul feels good with doing and what it doesn’t feel good doing.

When you are looking at an aspect of your life, does your heart sing when you think about it? Or does your heart sink?

How to Balance: Raise the Kundalini, open the heart. Sat Kar Meditation, Pulse Meditation, Heart Center Meditation.

Resources: From my understanding, Yogi Bhajan taught about the ten bodies sporadically over many years of teaching. He didn’t teach a class on the Ten Bodies. Various students of his have collected the information I will be presenting to you here, namely from the The Aquarian Teacher Instructor Manual Level One and The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nivair Singh Khalsa.