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yogaphdHey guys,

This is more of a personal post. I haven’t really talked about my experience of the course in depth but have been more sharing what I’m learning. The additional research, rereading of materials and having to share the information with clarity is helping me retain what we are taught each month. Thank you for reading it!

I fell behind in February with my homework though! Or maybe it was January. I’m not sure, but I do know I was working on getting caught up in February with the meditation homework but when I was on a business trip I missed a day. I had to restart when I came back.

Let me tell you, it was a challenge!

For basically two weeks all I did was yoga! I was up to a 2-3 hour practice each day in order to complete all that I wanted to complete.

Our homework for this course is very interesting. It includes usually an 8 page hand out with questions for us to answer after reading the text-book, the yoga sutras, and the Master’s Touch. It also includes usually about 33 minutes of meditations that we must do consecutively for two weeks and journal our experiences of.

I fell behind, and, of course, the homework started to add up as we are getting close to the end of the course. I was doing my personal practice (at that time an hour), plus the previous months homework (approximately 33 minutes), and we received a special homework where we had to do a kriya plus an 11  minute meditation (approximately 1 hour). It was a lot.

It was all I could focus on really. It felt like a lot. I had a lot going on internally as I did all these potent meditations. They are meant to change us, to help us grow, to show us the power of the yoga that we have been passed from Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga has a power inherent to it that most people taking this course know and have witnessed in their own lives. It changes things. A lot of things.

And doing all of that meditation and yoga for two weeks shifted a lot. I felt each day a layer of something was falling from me, mostly layers of fear, I think. It was intense. I cried a lot. Some days I felt like I would never stop crying.

I also realized how much I miss doing a daily physical yoga practice. Most of our homework has been meditation and I have let the business of Vancouver Life take away that daily physical practice I love so much. I wish they included more of it in the homework, however, we do have to do 20 yoga classes at a yoga studio over the eight month period.

In any case, I’ve begun to incorporate daily kriyas back into my lifestyle.

Another strange thing has happened. Even though I’ve been doing less yoga on a daily basis my flexibility has increased in ways I’ve not even been focusing on. I can hold camel much easier than I used to be able to. I can almost do the splits! I don’t know how or why, but all that comes to me is a quote. I have no idea whom said it, so if you know let me know!

“Your only as flexible as your mind is flexible.”

Something like that.

All this yoga and meditating has opened up my mind and by doing so opened up my body.

It’s amazing.

I’m all caught up now, too, on my homework! It feels great!