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climbingI wake up after my second day of KYTT (Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training) and grab my dream journal. I have to write down the dream I just had. It’s an important one.

I dreamed that I was at the bottom of a mountain with a friend of mine. We begin to walk up the mountain when I realize that I have a car. I turn to my friend and say “I have a car! Let’s drive up the mountain!”

My friend shakes his head. “No.”

“Why not?” I ask, surprised.

“Do you even have enough gas to get up the mountain?” He responds with a question.

“Uhhh… How much is it to go up the mountain?”

“Fifty dollars.”

“What!? That’s all!? I’m going to take the car! You can come if you like, but I’m going to take the easy way up!

“Do you even have that much?”

“I don’t care. I’m going to go up as far as I can go, and if I need to find more gas money or whatever I’ll figure it out then. I’m going to take the easy way up.”

With that I turned back down the mountain, found my car, and drove by my friend on the way up. I went all the way up as far as I could go with the car. The road ended in a roundabout where I parked the car and got out. All over the place were circus-, festival-, and island-folk and their children. They gathered ’round me. I went to their community where I stayed for a bit.

The day came for me to leave the community. I woke up before the sun had time to rise, and walked up the mountain, to a point where I could see the whole community beneath me. I was in a huge glass orb. I sat for meditation and closed my eyes. It was time to receive “The Last Teachings”. When it was complete I opened my eyes and the sun was rising. The sky was the colour of the softest shade of a pink rose petal and lavender. It was so beautiful it took my breath away.

An old Indian man with a long beard wearing a turban and white robes came in. He looked like Yogi Bhajan, but I’m not sure it was him. “Come with me.” He said so I got up and followed him.

sunsetWe walked all the way up to the very top of the mountain. I looked down and could see the beautiful pink sky reflecting off the white fluffy clouds so thick I couldn’t see beneath them. Around me that sky was still the soft pink that made my heart sing in awe and beauty. I could feel my heart expanded with so much love and gratitude for everything in this world.

When I woke up I knew I couldn’t loose this dream, full of meaning. It was a confirmation to me that Kundalini Yoga is my path, my way “up the mountain” aka my way of attaining what I seek: enlightenment.

In my reading homework I came across a story of a woman telling Yogi Bhajan he was in her dream and he made her get up for Sadhana. He responded with the following:

“That can happen, but not the way you now think it does. My life is dedicated in one prayer: Lord God, all people should love and belong to you. Emotionally, mentally and in action this is what my frequency is. As a yogi, both my conscious and subconscious minds act and project in that frequency. When you tune in to me, the only thing you can do is praise the Lord, because that is what I stand for… God appeared in the form of my personality and bugged you to get out of bed… It was not me personally. I never went to you at all. Don’t attribute that to me. Whatever your mind tunes into and whatever words go deep  into your self, the subconscious will use to guide you to the Universal Mind. My words and image were at the frequency of Infinity, and your own mind used those to connect with you.”
– Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Level One Instructor Textbook, page 57

This explains a lot to me. I have done a lot of dream work in my life, and I’ve always wondered how it works when someone approaches me and says “You were in my dream last night! You gave me advice!” or “You and I were doing this in my dream last night!” but I have no recollection of it. Why not? Why don’t we recall when we are in someone else’s dreams?

On another note, why is it that we believe in our dreams that all that we encounter are a figment of what our mind creates but have such a challenging time believing this world to be a figment of our mind? I digress!

The following week I had another dream where I was told by a chinese man that I needed to begin doing Sadhana twice a week, Saturday and Sunday at minimum because I’m having trouble. He didn’t say what kind of trouble. What was my mind tuned into before bed then I wonder?

Dreams are an important way for our subconscious and our Highest Selves to communicate with us. They can lead us to new knowledge, realizations, ways of being. They can clear our karma and bring healing to us. Since beginning the KYTT and doing the Forty Day Meditation of Kirtan Kriya myself and other classmates have been experiencing more intense dreams.

My dreams have become so intense that often I am aware of the physical sensations that my body is having inside the dream, of the way energy is flowing as I sleep and of how my body is positioned. I’ve woken myself out of several dreams in the past week, and re-entered other dreams.

Conclusion: Yoga will enhance your ability to do dream work. Especially Kirtan Kriya before bed!

And just in case you’d like to join our class in our 40 day meditation, here are the instructions for Kirtan Kriya:
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